How to fashionably wear athleisure for men


Our hectic lives demand, more than ever, clothes that are not only comfortable but practical. Bustling schedules may require one to change outfits two-three times a day to accommodate various events and occasions.

This will need one to carry a big bag across town to facilitate these changes. But not anymore! The athleisure wear has been the answer to many who seek activewear that is performance-drives, light and elegant enough to be worn even outside the gym.

The frequent shift in fashion dress codes and impressive street culture has been the foundation of the athleisure trend. This trend has made it virtually impossible to place a barrier between the clothes you can essentially wear for lunch and those deemed appropriate for the gym. Comfort has gotten cooler and tracksuits made their mark on high fashion. It’s never been fancier to look like you are moments away from a workout, without actually breaking a sweat.

Fashion companies such as Stone Island have led the charge with athletic-inspired pieces that have greatly revolutionized the fashion industry. Sportswear is no longer referred to as gym clothes to be only worn at the gym or the park. Even if you are at work, there is a good chance that you will find the men wearing their khaki trousers with some sneakers. Athleisure has become an integral part of every man’s wardrobe.

Blending casual items with activewear creates an impeccable well-balanced look that is comfortable, sports-inspired yet stylish and chic. Nowadays, wearing athleisure wear all day has become more and more acceptable. People of all ages are jumping into this notorious fad showing up to meetings and get-together in branded leggings, tanks tops and sporty caps. The rules to athleisure are few and far in-between, however, the guidelines below will assist you in styling the athleisure exquisitely;


Athleisure wear is free and liberating but you shouldn’t over-stretch it. There are occasions where it’s an absolute no-no to show up in activewear. Activewear is not what you want to show up in an interview with and neither is your graduation. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect choice for a lunch-out with your friends or a pub-crawl with your colleagues. For the more formal events or locations, it’s best to stick to suits and dresses and leave the more casual events for activewear.


Just because it’s activewear doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Yes, the trend is designed to be simple and laid back but feel free to add some few pieces here and there. You can accessorize sportswear with sleek, sporty-vibe pieces like a pair of sunglasses or a baseball cap will accentuate your style. Small pieces of jewelry will add spark to your outfits such as a pair of gold hoop earrings and a thin necklace to go with that.


Athleisure serves the best of function. The pieces are made of high-performance fabric that can easily bend, it’s not see-through hence can perfectly hide the muffin top and cellulite. Additionally, the clothes are made to be quick-drying, moisture-wicking and odor repellent which is an excellent choice to wear throughout the day. Pairing ordinary casual items with high-end athleisure clothes has become the new status symbol on the fashion streets. Neutral activewear is currently on-trend. Go with designs that have both substance and style.


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