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Ways Intimacy Can Horribly Go Wrong


Having regular “us time” for couples is crucial because it is an activity that spices up the relationship. It’s a potent way to bond, reconnect, and know each other better.

Making love is a central part of every marriage and relationship because it also has many benefits. Some of the advantages of having sex include the following:

  • It increases your immunity
  • It improves your cardiovascular health
  • It reduces stress
  • Helps you to have a restful sleep
  • Improves testosterone and estrogen levels
  • Lifts your mood and reduces the chance of feeling depressed
  • Helps with blood circulation
  • Relieves pain due to increased levels of oxytocin

While having sex has numerous advantages, sometimes there are instances when it can go wrong. These are just some of the scenarios and ways that can get you “off the mood”.

1.   Unable to lubricate

This is something that can dampen the mood. While women naturally lubricate during the act, sometimes it just isn’t enough. The result, it gets in the way of having pleasurable and satisfying sex with your partner.

What you can do: You can never tell when these situations can hit you so always have vaginal lubricants in handy and place it in an accessible area like the nightstand. And yes, deliberate and unhurried foreplay!

2.   Lack of foreplay

Foreplay is a sexual prelude to intercourse and includes kissing and caressing each other or fondling each other’s genitals. It’s important especially for women since it takes a longer time for them to reach the arousal level. Having foreplay also helps women to lubricate and get into the mood to prepare them for sexual intercourse and be able to achieve orgasm.

What you can do: Since foreplay has a physical and emotional intent, women need to be caressed and kissed to let them know not only physically but emotionally that they are wanted by their partner. It’s also important to increase sexual stamina by eating the right food and having a healthy lifestyle to sustain you from foreplay to the sexual act itself.

3.   Unexpected condom breaks

Even though how well-prepared you will be, the inevitable sometimes happens, like a condom breaking. You both must know beforehand if your partner has ever contracted STDs so you’ll be able to handle the dilemma calmly by having yourself tested right away. The takeaway: always make sure you know each other very well before jumping into bed together.

What you can do: Don’t panic since it’s very rare that a woman gets pregnant during a one-time condom break. However, to ensure prevention, obstetricians highly suggest a copper IUD insertion.

4.   Someone walks in while you’re in the heat of the moment

This can be outwardly embarrassing for you and your partner especially if you’re doing it in unexpected places like the storage room or even the restroom. It’s not a normal occurrence but it does happen to couples who tend to go on a quickie regardless of time or place.

What you can do: Apologize to the person who caught you in the act. You can use humor to lighten up the situation. An important lesson here would be to always do it in a proper place such as the bedroom, behind closed doors, and secured with a lock!

5.   Bodily function interruptions

Some things can happen unexpectedly while having sex. It could be a sudden burp, passing air or even urinating suddenly. It can be outright embarrassing for both of you but it happens once in a while.

What you can do: Don’t be ashamed but instead you can use humor to lighten the situation. Yes, it can dampen the spirit but taking it lightly and laughing things off will hopefully put everything back on track and you’d be able to resume where you left off.

Pleasurable, satisfying, and steamy sex are just some of the definitions of a perfect sexual encounter with your partner. However, having sex can sometimes go wrong when it’s least expected. The best you can do is to stay calm, reasonably handle the situation and always be considerate of your partner’s feelings.








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