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5 Difficulties Students Face Choosing an Essay Topic


While doing your assignments, what is the most difficult part? I know most students will say the research part, but I don’t think that’s it.

The most challenging part should be picking the right essay subject or topic. This is what determines the quality of the paper you write.

When writing PhD essays, it gets challenging since you have to dig deep when sourcing your information. To do this right, you can access some essay examples written by other PhD students to guide you. You have to make sure that you pick the right topic for the essay.

How do Students Choose Essay Topics?

Are you stuck when on your next essay topic? Choosing a subject to write about is very easy in college. There is a process through which students follow when selecting a suitable topic.

There isn’t a right and wrong way to doing this. Most students do it simply by evaluating different options that they have. However, they are often guided by the instructions given by the tutor for the assignment. You should know that if you input no effort, you will have a hard time.

What Difficulties Do Students Face When Choosing a Topic?

Do you always feel like you have the wrong topic every time you write a paper? You aren’t alone, I also had this problem for some time on college. There are some difficulties students face when drafting a suitable topic for an essay. They are as follows.

1.     Failure to understand what is expected

If a student fails to understand what is expected in the assignment, it becomes very hard to pick the right heading. Imagine writing a PHD essay without understanding all the instructions given. You will strain making the right choice on the heading to select because you have no idea what to do.

2.     A large number of options to choose from

Many students are often spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the right topic to write about in an essay. Most of them end up choosing the wrong topic because it seems easy to write about. Many students don’t know how to research a topic, thus why they end up with the wrong one.

3.     Broad topics

Ever had a topic that has so much information that you cannot exhaust? This is a challenge that most students face when selecting a heading for an academic paper. You have to make sure that your heading is well focused on a specific area that has enough information to tackle. This is the only way to draft a quality paper.

4.     Picking a boring topic

When writing your paper, you have to back to the topic with adequate research and information sourcing. If your subject is boring, it will be very hard to draft a quality paper since it is tiresome to get the required data. Many learners tend to pick a subject they don’t like just because it seems easy to tackle. That is just wrong.

5.     Picking a very popular topic

Another challenge students face is picking the same topics over and over. Most tutors are looking for new information that adds to the existing pool of information. Try not to be repetitive; this is not a refrain.

Tips on How to Choose an Essay Topic Easily

Drafting an essay isn’t that hard if you choose the right topic. But how do you know that you have the right one? Worry not, here are some tips on how to go about choosing the right topic for your academic paper.

1.     Brainstorm on a list of topics that interest you

If you want to have an easy time writing your paper, make sure that you tackle a subject that sparks your curiosity to learn more. Use essay samples to learn how other students choose their topics. Make a list of those that interest you and make the most preferred choice.

2.     Narrow your topic

Some subjects are just too wide for you to cover in a single essay. You wouldn’t want to strain, would you? Narrow down that topic to a manageable scope. You don’t get more marks by taking up a broad topic; it only makes your work look ambiguous and shoddy.

Reading an essay sample guides you on how to make your paper and heading as precise and detailed as possible. It is not about the amount of information you give but the quality of information you outline.

3.     Go for a subject you know something about

Taking on just any topic just makes things hard for you when writing the essay. When you focus on something, you know researching becomes so straightforward! It is the only way you can write an A-grade paper.


Do you want to ace your essays and academic papers? The secret is in choosing the right subject to address. I believe that this article has given you what it takes to pick the right subject and the mistakes most students often make.

Go the extra mile. Reading essay samples will give you an idea on how to choose the best heading for your papers. Do your best.


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