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Why School Trips Help Kids Learn


Oftentimes, school trips and excursions are part of the student’s course curriculum.

Depending on the age and level of the students, the places to be visited as part of the trip are often planned and deemed as appropriate to their level. Schools conduct these field trips because there are numerous studies that show that these trips greatly aid kids in learning in various ways.

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However, it is of utmost importance to always ensure the safety of the students as they embark on the trip together with their teachers and instructors. According to the experts behind Adaptable Travel, safety audits and risk assessments on all service providers used for educational tours should promptly be conducted. This will provide parents and teachers alike with the peace of mind that the school trip will go well without mishaps. With safety no longer a question, it is about time to provide a reason why school trips help kids learn.

Students are Immersed in Real-World Scenarios

When kids are immersed in real-world scenarios, they are more capable of understanding the concept of the theories taught within the classroom walls. School trips provide essential learning opportunities that widen the horizon of the students. Thus, they are able to attain a better result and learning outcome in terms of the subject associated with the school trip. For instance, the different types of animal kingdoms are discussed in science. Hence, it will be easier for kids to be able to appreciate that animals that give birth to a live young are classified as mammals if they see these animals in their real form through a visit to a zoo.

Students are provided with Access to Other Learning Tools

Aside from the real-world scenarios that help kids understand and appreciate the concepts taught in the classroom, school trips also provide students with access to other learning tools in a different environment, particularly those that are not available in school. This is because the entire world is considered as a big learning laboratory. For instance, students have the opportunity to see and touch historical artifacts that are often only seen in their books. These artifacts, which made a significant impact in history, are not available in the classroom, or in the school, and can only be accessed by the students through museum visits and talks with a curator.

Students are Socially Exposed

School trips complement the social and emotional growth of students. As a matter of fact, certain studies show that students who join field trips and excursions highly become more empathic and tolerant towards other students. This is particularly observed with students who visited historical museums because they are exposed to a diverse culture, people, places, as well as time periods. Thus, they develop a unique understanding of what life is like for the people who lived in a different era, providing them with a clearer perspective on their current way of life. They begin to understand how people were treated back then and how they should treat people now, based on their learning from the past as opened up to be a historical museum visit.

School Trips Trigger the Interests and Passions of the Students

School trips also help kids learn about their interests and passions. This is particularly important for students who are already in line to transition into a higher level of education such as from middle school to junior high, or junior high to senior high among others. A school field trip might just be the trigger they need to discover that they have a certain interest in art, and eventually find that they are passionate about doing so. Being able to witness first hand intricately designed paintings and murals may pave the way for their own self-discovery. On the other hand, a visit to a totally different place with a different culture can enable a student to discern that he or she has a keen passion for travel, in pursuit to learn more about the world and how immense it is, compared to the boundaries of a classroom. Seeing the world and the state of the environment may also pave the way for students to realize their passion for helping the world become a better place to live in and exert an extra effort to save the environment.

School Trips Eliminate Classroom Boredom

Classroom learning is vital to teaching kids different virtues such as discipline by coming on time, as well as respect by listening when others are talking. However, it is undeniable that learning in a classroom setting can also be boring because of a limited setting. An excursion breaks down these restrictions and opens up the avenue for students to explore outside of their classrooms, eliminating the boredom they may feel from time to time. Perhaps this can also be attributed to the fact that school field trips are designed to be fun and enjoyable, with the atmosphere light but still conducive for learning. In addition to this, school trips relieve the students with the common pressures in the classroom, such as a graded recitation or a pop quiz.

School Trips Provide a New Experience to Disadvantaged Students

More often than not, less advantaged students only get the chance to explore outside of their homes or their schools through the trips conducted by the school. They are only exposed to other cultures, or other locations, by joining school trips that are usually mandatory. There are studies that show that the effect of school trips on their learning curve is more apparent compared to other students who have the opportunity to embark on a personal trip outside of school bounds. Nonetheless, a school trip also provides a new experience even for other students because they get to share the experience of being able to travel with their fellow classmates and peers.

Field trips and excursions are greatly part of a student’s life and more often than not, they look forward to it. But apart from being fun and enjoyable, school trips greatly help kids acquire new knowledge by broadening their avenue for learning. However, it is not only the kids that learn from school trips but their teachers and instructors as well, making the trip more effective and all worth it.


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