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How to Help a Friend Struggling with Debt


When you see someone struggling with the pressure of debt, you would naturally want to help them.

Whether it is your friend, brother, or child, you would not like to see them stressful all the time. But when you decide to help, you need to approach them in a very articulate manner. You do not want to get them a feeling that you are getting annoyed with their issue, but you want to show them that you care and are there for them. Let’s have a look at a few tips that you need to follow if you want to help a loved one with debt issues.

Recognizing the Signs

A lot of people may tell you that they have a debt problem, but they will never go into detail or tell you about how much trouble they are in. That means you will have to keep an eye out and look for the signs that they need support. The signs can be very obvious as well; for example, if they recently started to work on another job part-time as well, it is a clear indication. They can directly ask you for a small loan as well without telling you about the debt problem. In that case, you need to talk to them so you can help them explore all available options. You can also Get Help by browsing over to this link. You can suggest these debt management plans and other safe loan options.

Provide them Emotional Support

Debt can take an emotional toll even on the toughest of people. You should always be ready to provide emotional support to your loved ones. It begins with denial, and the person will first deny that they have a real problem in their hands. It happens because the person is just not ready to accept reality. Once they pass through denial, they will show resistance, and instead of looking for solutions, they will try to solve the problem on their own. Then they will indulge in false hope as well by thinking that if they have come this far, they can get away with it. But once they have gone through these stages, they will eventually accept their reality, and that is when they will need emotional help the most. You can easily recognize the signs for these stages, and you need to provide help accordingly as well.

Engage in a Serious Conversation

If you have made up your mind to provide full support to the person, then sooner or later you will have to engage in a serious conversation with them. You may be able to give those tips and support in casual conversations, but a serious conversation has much more importance. A person going through debt problems can easily succumb to depression and anxiety, and sometimes it can get a bit serious. So you need to make sure that they are not going through anything like this. And if they are, give them a pep talk and show them how a bright future still lies ahead of them.

Help them With Budgeting

You can also help that person to come up with a budget plan that will take them out of this mess. If a person is in debt in the first place, there is a high chance that they were not good at managing their finances. So, you can help them cut on all the unnecessary things for a few months and can also guide them on how they can manage their bills. There are guides available out there, and you can take help from them as well.


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