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Fishing In Warrington: Everything You Need To Know


Set on the banks of the magnificent River Mersey, Warrington is a great location for fishing enthusiasts who want to catch anything from whitefish and skate through to dogfish and cod.

The region boasts a revered local fishing club, numerous fisheries and lakes, as well as a broad range of record-breaking catches that enthusiasts have landed over the years.

As such, Warrington has become a key destination for those looking to travel the UK in search of great fishing locations. It is also popular among residents of nearby Cheshire and the Wirral.

For anglers looking to reel in some incredible catches in Warrington throughout 2020, here’s our guide to fishing in the area and finding the facilities and amenities that you need to enjoy this reflective and relaxing sport.

Fishing By Boat Is A Great Way To See More Of The River

Warrington has a number of different marine facilities for river boats, making it a great place for those who want to get on the water to fish. If you’re looking to traverse more of the river and enjoy the beauty of this incredible town, then a boat is the perfect solution for you. There are several charter and boat hire facilities in the area, or if you want to own your own vessel to use time and time again, then browse the a selection of fishing boats for sale here.

Get Yourself A Day Ticket To Find The Perfect Fishing Spot For You

When you first start out fishing in Warrington, you need to work out where the best spots are so that you can find the one that you like the best. This might take a little trial and error, so consider getting a day ticket to one of these fisheries in the beginning, so that you can check out their facilities and waters.

Hone Your River Fishing Skills

Those with limited experience fishing in rivers will struggle to land big catches in Warrington, so practice your skills and research the best practices before you take to the water. This will ensure that you’re prepared and know exactly what you’re doing when you start fishing and don’t waste your time.

Consider The Type Of Fish You’re After

Fishing for any type of fish won’t be as successful as selecting a particular species, so take your pick from the incredible variety on offer in Warrington and learn about their habits, preferences and tastes. This will allow you to time your fishing expeditions perfectly and select the equipment and bait that will tempt your chosen type of fish towards you.

Stock Up On Supplies

Fishing requires a lot of equipment, and some items, such as bait, hooks and fishing wire, often get used up quickly, especially if you’re having a successful day. As such, it’s important that you visit one of the region’s numerous tackle shops before your trips to stock up on the essentials. You should also put the postcode of the nearest shop into your phone so that you can reach it quickly if you do run out of gear during your day’s fishing.

Follow The Rules

Some fisheries and areas, such as Lymm Dam, have rules about the type of bait you’re allowed to use, the hooks you can utilise and the use of spinning or lures, so make sure that you learn about them before you fish these areas and obey them. This will ensure that you don’t anger the local fishing community and can enjoy your time fishing in peace.

Join The Local Angler’s Association For Competitive Fishing And Discounts

Once you decide that fishing in Warrington is for you, then you should consider joining the Warrington Angler’s Associating, where you can find out about local competitive fishing matches and get discounts of fishing permits for fisheries in the area. You’ll also be able to share tips and insight with experienced local anglers and maybe even make some new friends.

Wear Warm Clothing

Based in the North West, Warrington is often colder than much of the UK, even in the summer, so it’s important that you wear warm clothing. The region is also prone to heavy rainfalls, so it’s important that you have waterproof clothes that will keep you dry and comfortable. Try layering your gear, so if you do find that you’ve worn too much you can remove some layers, then put them back on if the temperature drops later.

Carry Your Rod License With You At All Times

As with almost every fishing location in the UK, you need to make sure that you have a valid rod license and that you carry it with you whenever you’re fishing in Warrington. This will ensure that you’re within the law at all times throughout your time enjoying the beautiful fishing facilities that Warrington has to offer.


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