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CBD oil and Sport: the effects of CBD on Athletes


With the changes in CBD cannabis laws and legal consumption, you can now have access to some of the best CBD products online and CBD flower online JustBob.

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What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a molecule found naturally in hemp and cannabis. A CBD product is legal if it complies with European and UK law. It must have been extracted from hemp varieties registered in the official register, containing less than 0.2% THC.

It has neither a psychotropic effect nor a phenomenon of dependence.

The international scientific community recognizes that the CBD molecule has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anxiolytic qualities, among others, which the pharmaceutical industry is already exploiting. Note, however, that CBD-based drugs are not yet authorized in Europe. Conversely, CBD-based wellness products, which are available at Zamnesia are.

Should you fear CBD testing during a doping control?

Sports authorities are also emphasizing the relaxing action of CBD, without any fantastic and doping effects. A product based on CBD, if it meets the standards in force, can, therefore, be associated entirely with sports and competition.

Note that during an anti-doping test, one of the substances often sought is THC, but not CBD. Therefore, it is essential to check that the CBD products used do not contain THC if you want to rule out any risks during control.

Effects of CBD oil for athletes: soothing the body and mind

CBD oil, devoid of THC, optimizes the comfort of body and mind. It interacts with CB2 receptors, relating to the immune system. It can regulate mood, sleep or the perception of pain. It can, therefore, be an alternative to prescription painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

CBD also interacts with endorphins and anandamide. It improves the feeling of well-being by acting as a painkiller. Applied or ingested after training, CBD helps reduce muscle spasms and possible nausea.

It also affects the healing time of an injury. Relaxing, it promotes the quality of sleep and hence muscle and mental recovery.

About its dietetic qualities: CBD oil contains essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, which interact with the immune system and the cardiovascular system.

CBD products should be handled with care. The users should always discuss with a doctor to make sure that the use of CBD oil fits to their current general health and with any interaction with a current drug treatment.

Benefits of CBD oil for Athletes

As mentioned above, there are many so-called therapeutic virtues of CBD oil for athletes. Cannabidiol can be used for better conditioning, indirectly improving its sports performance or even reducing pain as well as accelerating muscle recovery or cell regeneration.

Here is a list of CBD oil effects for athletes:

  • Vasorelaxant: reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Anxiolytic: relieving tension related to stress and anxiety; optimization of the mind.
  • Anti-oxidant: evacuation of free radicals; slowing down of cellular ageing.
  • Anti-spasmodic: relief of digestive disorders (nausea) + muscular disorders.
  • Anti-inflammatory: reduction of inflammation + slowing down of bacteria proliferation + pain relief.

Also, watch out for possible side effects from consuming CBD products. These can vary according to the consumption of each, and few consumers seem to have been exposed to it, but it is essential to know them.

Best CBD products for sports

CBD is legally marketed in several forms, which are administered in various ways. These products provide more or less rapid and more or less intense relaxing effects. Athletes, therefore, have a wide range of products to target depending on the case: post-training pain, mental preparation, injury, sleep management, etc.

CBD oils, for example, work almost immediately. They are ideal for relaxing a painful area, subject to intense effort. Sold packaged in a bottle or capsule form, they are generally ingested orally.

CBD crystals are the purest form (up to 98% CBD). They are generally associated with a fatty base, for both food and cosmetic use: mixed with yoghurt, a drink; integrated into a care cream, to boost the relaxation effect.

Be careful, however, with the creams and ointments available on the market. These products can come from abroad and be authorized there but contain elements prohibited in the UK.

Finally, other articles exist confectionery, mixes for herbal teas, vaporizers, etc.

Dosage: how much CBD oil to take for sports?

There is no standard dosage or enough studies to recommend the perfect dosage or the optimal amount of CBD to consume for athletes.

If you wish to consume CBD to alleviate severe pain, the dose will be very different than someone wanting to acquire better concentration or relax. Therefore, we recommend that you start with low doses and listen to your body to find out whether or not you need higher doses.

Some of the best CBD online retailers, such as JustBob, the European leader are also providing a whole set of certifications and information on their CBD oils and CBD products online. So take time to read through them to fully understand the benefits of CBD oil.



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