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What Are 7 Best Applications to Invest in the Stock Market?


1.  Copy Trade

Alongside various trading platforms, there are also a lot of different trading apps. The most effective tool that will allow you to clone the positions of a third trader, called “Strategy Manager” (GE). This will help you operate without the need to have deep knowledge in the field of trading. Besides, it’s a good way to get acquainted with the world of Forex.

GEs typically have extensive market experience and a set of proven efficiency strategies. The only thing you should do is to decide what currencies you want to invest in, and they will be in charge of making a profit on your investments.

2.  Plus 500

The app is designed for users who are interested in starting to invest in the stock market. This app, available for iOS and Android, has a multitude of options, including fictitious work with the securities portfolio of the interested party. Once it is ready, these operations can be transferred to the real plane.

In addition to the ability of trading with securities, the app also allows you to do so with commodity and currency pairs. Among its additional advantages, there is an accurate alert service, which is really useful for parameterizing the desired limits for successful investments.

3.  Infobag

Although this application is intended primarily for expert brokers on the exchange, among other things, it contains a series of value indicators, risk premiums or interest rates. Designed especially for long-time investments, this app provides quality information to facilitate understanding of trends and markets.

4.  Robin Hood

The complete and effective app that allows obtaining the best and most comprehensive information for investors in the stock market. Knowing and analysing markets helps reduce risks.

Like the legendary Robin Hood, this app allows you to “learn from the rich to stop being poor”. This may be the summary of what the app offers the user: direct access to markets in real-time, visualization of data and quotes, generation of personalized lists and tracking your securities portfolio.

From its beginning until now, Robin Hood has not stopped winning fans, positioning itself as one of the most popular and used applications, among other legendary ones, like Jared Leto himself.

When investing with this app, you should be very cautious and prudent, since its working mechanism makes it so easy to enter the capital into operation, and sometimes it is so difficult to avoid impulse purchases.

5.  IBEX 35

Another one of the most important apps, which, as the name implies, focuses on the IBEX 35 movements. This is a very important app for both experts and beginners who want to monitor market changes in real-time.

Currently, it is considered as one of the applications for Android to monitor the fluctuations of the stock exchange, which is the most valuable.

6.  Yahoo! Finance

This app allows English-speaker users to access all relevant information in real-time. In addition to providing valuable information on the securities markets, it helps users create their own portfolios with lower or higher risk to assess the evolution of these investments.

The application is very easy to use. It allows you to receive information, tips, news, and everything you need to facilitate investments.

7.  Stockspy

The application is available for iOS and Android. There is a paid as well as free version for Google. Unlike other apps aimed at experts, this application is rather designed to guide beginner investors with little experience.


These are just a few examples of the best stock market investing apps. However, there are many others, which undoubtedly perfectly adapt to the profile of each user.


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