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How to Defend Yourself After an Arrest


Being arrested is one of the most traumatic and worrying events in life.

Whether you’re being arrested on the grounds of a small crime, or you’re being wrongly accused of a more serious felony, you need to ensure that you’re prepared to defend yourself right away in order to win your court case, or encourage the police and the accuser to drop all charges.

As such, in this short article, you’ll learn what to do in the event of your arrest – and how to defend yourself when you’ve been arrested and charged with a crime.

Ask for Details

You’ve been arrested. What happens next is a series of hoops that the police must jump through in order to process your arrest and inform you about the crime you’re being accused of performing. It’s in this case, and in light of the fact that the police are asked to follow a strict protocol, that you may be able to first understand where you’ve gone wrong.

You need to ask for all the details possible from the police on the event of your arrest. Note these down in order to begin understanding your case.

Police Protocols

Speaking of police protocols, many people who are arrested are mistreated and mishandled in police custody, and that can affect the court case that follows. For instance, if you’re processed incorrectly, not asked certain questions, or questioned under duress, then evidence of these things will cause your court case to be thrown out. By knowing when the police have crossed the line in your particular case, you may be able to inform your lawyer, and the court, that your arrest was invalid.

Legal Representation

In any case, you cannot make these arguments alone. You need the help and guidance of lawyers who have defended people against the law countless times and will know just how to help you in your specific case. Find yourself a criminal law solicitor if you’re charged with a crime, and also be aware that in the immediate aftermath of your arrest, when you’re in the police station, you’re able to ring a lawyer for free legal advice, which should help you understand what to do, what to say, and how to best negotiate yourself out of this difficult situation that you’ve found yourself in with the law.


The final element to your arrest that can be difficult to process is the fact that your reputation will be damaged. The damage done to your reputation in the face of an arrest can be the worst element of your overall time in custody, and it’s something that can be difficult to avoid if you’re spotted by those who regard you with respect. It’s in this case that it can be worth releasing a statement – on social media or on your blog or website – explaining your predicament. Run this by your lawyers in order to get the legal green light before you publish.

There you have it – key things you need to do to avoid difficult scenarios following your arrest by police for a crime you have not committed.


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