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4 Instances When You Should Always Seek Legal Advice


People tend to only seek legal advice when they’re going through big changes in life, or they’ve reached a stage where they risk losing money or getting into legal trouble.

However, it’s often the case that getting legal advice early on can save you money and result in the best outcome. Here are some scenarios where you should always get on the phone with a solicitor for advice.

  1. Buying or Selling a House

Nowadays, many people like to take a DIY approach to buying or selling a home, often skipping the traditional estate agent to market their own property or find their dream home online. However, the process of buying or selling a home is complex, so when it comes to conveyancing, while you technically don’t need a solicitor, you should use one. Find someone who specialises in conveyancing as the process can get complicated, and if you hit any snags, you can be seriously delayed if you don’t have someone on the ball.

  1. When You Break Up

Whether you’re legally married or just living together, a relationship breakdown can have a lot of legal implications, especially if there are children and properties involved in the scenario. Once both of you agree on getting a separation, or even if the other person hasn’t come round to the idea yet, you should seek legal advice. Even if the other party wants to keep lawyers out of it, or refuses to get their own legal advice, you should book an appointment with a solicitor to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

  1. When You Settle Down with Someone

There can also be lots of reasons why you might seek legal advice at the beginning of a relationship. If you own a home and your partner is moving in, you may want to protect your assets in case of a breakup. If you’re getting married and need to change your will, then this is also a good time to seek legal advice — it means you can ensure your wishes are carried out after you are gone.

  1. If You Are Facing Discrimination or Problems at Work

Far too many people put up with poor treatment at work for a long time, and while most businesses have their own in-house legal teams, if you raise a dispute, you may feel totally alone. If you are facing problems at work, then getting an employment lawyer on board early can pay off. It shows that you are taking the issue seriously, and it means that you can be guided through your options and receive honest advice about whether to take things further. An employment lawyer can also help if you’re being dismissed or getting made redundant, as they can ensure that you get the settlement that you’re entitled to.

Many people dislike the thought of bringing lawyers into a dispute or when making an agreement, but they can be extremely helpful in ensuring things are done fairly and that you know all your options.


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