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Ways to create a mobile strategy for your business


A mobile strategy is a way to integrate mobile devices into your corporate strategy as a whole.

According to the CMS study, average conversion rates for smartphones are 64 percent higher than for desktops.

Highlight Company’s Overall Strategy:

Overall strategy for your company includes your mission, vision, goals and goals. Think of this as a long-term approach, you need your app to bring business to your business and to make it possible to make an app that can be useful in the long run. You would know how an app can help the business 5 years down the road. To add value to your customer make sure that the end goal of your company reaches out to the app’s target audience ,as remarked by Sunny, an expert providing services like do my java homework.

Mobile Websites

Jolly a matlab assignment help writer says, The majority of your customer base is looking for a site that loads easily, is easy to understand and provides an easy seamless experience when designing a mobile web site. Using a website designer or mobile app developer can increase the flow of mobile traffic to your site because it is intuitive, user-friendly and eye-catching in an esthetic way. With most people constantly on the go, getting easily accessible from a mobile device to a business ‘ website or product line would boost online traffic. This is mostly because customers like the ability to complete their purchases right then and there, rather than trying to hit a screen and forgetting about your site or product accidentally.

Mobile Apps

Need a Dinner Recipe tonight? There’s an app to this. Would you like to send the bank a check, without getting off the sofa? There’s also an alternative to that. With the increase in tablet and smartphone sales, numerous mobile apps are now available which serve educational bits, entertainment or informative tips. From fast-service restaurants to brand names to virtual cake pop-making events, many businesses use mobile apps to improve brand awareness and enhance consumer experience. Apps are usually used for a specific reason; making the app smooth and easy to operate is therefore crucial. Create a problem solving app that is valuable to your mobile customers. The most successful non-entertainment based apps are the apps that serve a purpose to make the consumer’s life easier as pointed out by one user on his long tail pro review.

The heavyweight pizza corporations Domino’s and Pizza Hut provide a great example of combining entertainment with efficiency. For their ordering apps, both have had wide success. Pizza Hut allows users to create their own virtual pizza by pressing and dragging toppings after choosing the sauce and the crust. Domino’s comes with two fun features. They allow you to keep track of your delivery as it gets to your house. And just recently, the pizza giant has joined forces with Ford to develop a sync driving app that will allow you to order your pizza profile while driving with your voice.

Define your Pitch:

You then make a pitch. Clearly define what your app is about. It is always the one factor that catches your eye in an app. For starters, if it’s coffee it’s StarBucks, if it’s Ticketmaster for its movie and entertainment tickets, that’s how easy it is.

Shaun, technology head at TrumpLearning and provide affiliate marketing courses said, You need to set up an app as the go-to-place for your sphere. You need to offer a compelling reason to use the App to trigger an action. A mobile app is a lot different than a website. You are asking them to give you the real estate of their phones when you expect someone to download your app. That means you’ll need to count every download. By making payments easy from mobile, Starbucks simplifies the buying experience and adds loyalty points to bring back clients. One most common mistake is to think of mobile as a touchpoint rather than a channel. As a mobile touchpoint enables the product’s contact and purchase.

Monetize Mobile Apps

Consider offering a free sample version of your app, allowing users to determine if they are willing to invest money into your content or not. Alternatively, allow them to keep the app free, but paying add-ons such as extra lives, additional content, new features alternatively higher levels, and use in-app advertising to generate more income.

Nick, who offers a finance assignment help says, The wisest choice for companies wanting to have an app advertising their company is to keep it free. Studies have shown that mobile shoppers online usually end up spending more money than those from a laptop.

Mobile Coupons

Most companies deliver coupons via email in an effort to bring customers into their stores, and now a lot of companies accept coupons directly from a smartphone. To consumers who would otherwise never hold actual coupons in their wallet and therefore miss shopping at that store, allowing users to pull up a coupon directly on the one item that’s almost always attached to their hip is a great way to boost income.

This concept has been well capitalized by the popular drugstore chain CVS by integrating a weekly add with all the sales items as a button in the app. The CVS app has scored some major app love by providing useful services such as “Drug Interactions” that help you be healthy when using multiple drugs. As part of a coupon special, ask clients to check-in at the store via social media for small businesses looking to promote their name.

Judy, senior manager at reputed organization and provide summary statement engineers australia says, With the growth of mobile users only growing, your business will definitely benefit from a mobile strategy by creating more traffic and keeping your organization relevant in the mobile era.

SWOT Analysis:

Identifying the business environment creates great insights for the decision-makers. What better way to analyze the business environment analysed by SWOT. SWOT stands for Strength, Weakness, Chance and Threat. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors such as cash flows, resource pool, developer know-how, etc. Though opportunities and threats are external factors such as competition, demand etc. Analyze the resources at your disposal-money, time, people and how to make effective use of them.

Where to place development:

If you are ready for an IT team, or have the experience and resources to build your own team from scratch, then you can choose to develop your app on-site. But if not then outsourcing app development makes more sense. Lucky, an expert from whom students approach to write my essay for me says,Considerable time and resources are spent designing a good app, and building a team will only cost you more overheads . Once you are ready to scale up your business you can always develop your in-house team. It’s easier for first-time entrepreneurs to outsource development than doing it all alone.


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