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10 Trade Show Booth Tips That Will Lead You to Success


The benefits of exhibiting at a trade show are enormous. They give businesses an opportunity to close huge deals, generate leads and engage with buyers to boost sales. While the biggest and the best boost have an edge during trade shows, not all are successful.

While companies like Expocart can help you get the necessary equipment required for your trade show booth, it is wise to have some tips that will give you an edge during your exhibit. Below, we discuss 10 simple – but effective – trade show boot tips and strategies that will help you to succeed during the exhibit.

1. Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

Research shows that the first impression highly correlates with the long-term status of a client relationship. The first opinion of someone is formed in less than a second. This is similar to the first impression of a brand which takes only a fifth of a second.

Creative display ideas can give you the edge at any event. Be sure to use bright colours and a table fabric that complements your display and company’s colour scheme.

2. Use a Presentation Board

An eye-catching presentation board is a great way to attract people to your booth. If space allows, erect a stand-alone presentation board and let it display the benefits your clients can get by using your services.

If space is limited, you can opt for a form board. You can mount it on an easel or the wall. To make it stand out, include pictures, if possible, add your company name and logo.

3. Include Video Presentations or Slide Shows

Create a video or slideshow presentation at your booth to display your latest products and tell the ideas for your future products. Be sure to use exceptional exhibit graphics when creating your presentation as it will help your booth stand out and draw in more people.

4. Fill the Booth with Your Products

When the exhibit starts, people will want to stop by your booth to see what you offer. Make sure all the products are available at your booth. You don’t want a scenario where a potential client wants your latest t-shirt and you realize that you only have it in the catalog and not physically.

People love to interact with the product to get a feel of what they will be taking home.

5. Have Plenty of Giveaways

Branded giveaways are a great way to increase your booth’s reach and keep your business top-of-mind long after the event is over. Hand out stickers, wearables, prototypes, water bottles, postcards, light-up trinkets, or anything with your brand’s name on it.

Be sure to make your giveaways useful and relevant. This will help create positive associations between you and your clients.

6. Provide Food Goodies

The walking around during trade shows is very tiring. Providing healthy snacks and drinks will be much appreciated. The packaging should be consistent with your company culture and theme and it can come with your business card attached to remind clients where they received it from.

7. Monkey See, Monkey Do

You are looking for the best Jaffa cakes in London and you see a store with a long queue than others. Which one do you go to?

Social proof creates trust. Get as many employees as possible to the booth and have them surround it dressed as attendees. Seeing people engaged with a brand will make others want to see what is going on.

8. Prepare the sales team

Communication is an effective tool in trade show presentation. Different teams often attend trade shows including sales, marketing, and executive. All teams must be on the same page and have all the relevant information leading up to the event.

Have a “prep call” the week before the event is scheduled. Also ensure that everyone is aware of the dress code, venue and booth hours.

9. Promote Through Social Media

During the trade show, engage with potential buyers through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. Also, keep posting throughout the event and live stream your exhibit for all your followers to see. Social media is one of the best tools to interact with your target audience without pushing them to make a sale.

10. Be Welcoming

The most important thing during trade show events is to be friendly and inviting. Put on your brightest smile and say “Hi” to those that look toward your booth. Since you are representing your brand, you need to be friendly and welcoming. Be professional, in a good mood and strike up a conversation with people coming to your booth.

These 10 tips and strategies will help you have a successful trade show. Just be authentic and match your giveaways, design and other additions to the event theme.


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