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5 Common IT Support issues for a business


IT Support, affectionately known as the ‘Turn it off then turn it back on’ team, is an immensely active fail-safe in and around the office.

While the range of service requests and incidents reported to them grows proportionately to the teams or projects they support, some tickets are way more common than others and, more than likely, you are going to need IT Support for at least one of the reasons listed below. So here are the 5 most common reasons you will reach out to IT Support:

Software Installations

Your company probably pays due diligence to the safe, legal installation of all programs used in the office. That often means to get any software needed at work, you’ll have to go through IT Support. After raising a ticket, the Support Team may remotely log onto your computer, run the install and perform preliminary tests or use some other method to get you the software. Some programs may require further licensing or activation before you can use them. Again, IT Support will be your first port of call to get these licenses.

Slow Computer

As the amount of work stored on computers goes up along with dependent programs, many employees will notice a lag in their machine’s performance. While many employees first try to remedy this by rebooting their machine (thus the ‘Turn it off then turn it back on’ coinage), this lag may escalate to crippling levels, possibly due to malware, low memory allowances or conflicts between newly installed software and preexisting software (this is commonly seen with Antivirus software). As you can probably imagine, these are foes best fought by the IT Support Team.

Internet Issues

The ultimate measure of a man is his reaction to slow or malfunctioning internet. It seems all too likely that at some point, browser configuration, VPN configuration or network preferences will bring your internet access to its knees and you along with it. If you happen across one of those days when you can’t access the internet or Wi-Fi, you may need IT Support to troubleshoot the issue and to check if the problem may be part of a system-wide outage.

Printer Problems

While this is possibly another case of ‘Turn it off then turn it back on’, an employee may need support through properly cabling the link between their machine and the printer, configuring their printer settings or making meaning of error lights to pick up paper jams or empty ink cartridges. On the back-end, drivers may be improperly installed or missing entirely. Regardless, the printer is a very common reason you or other employees would reach out to IT Support.

Access Rights

This broadly refers to any part of the job that will require logging in or some other form of permission to access files or information. On the shallow end, many users typically forget their passwords, especially after holidays and may need the Support Team to come to their rescue so they can regain access to their systems. On the other hand, some Shared Drives and Fileshare permissions would require special privileges that would need approval from Team Leads or the respective owners of the Drives or files. In either case, communication will go through the IT Support Team before you can proceed any further.

In a nutshell, an employee will more than likely need to reach out to the IT Support Team either to report an incident that needs troubleshooting or to request a service. While this list of problems is not exhaustive of the entire scope of tickets raised to IT Support, the most common tickets appear to be those that would take an employee too much time to troubleshoot themselves or those whose fixes are beyond their pay grade.



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