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How to properly retouch a portrait


Retouching the face is a very painstaking process when editing photos. Its main task is to get rid of flaws (remove wrinkles, unwanted moles or freckles), improve the natural features of the model’s face, but without significantly changing the person’s appearance.

It sounds hard, but don’t worry, professional editors do this job within 15-30 minutes depending on the initial portrait. And you will definitely reach this level one day.

However, facial editing skills training can take weeks or months. Fortunately, all information along with photo retouching programs is available on the Internet. Below you will find some very useful tips to help you greatly improve your portraits. The main thing is also not to give up at the beginning and practice a lot.

Go back to the original photo for comparison

The main thing that you should avoid during portrait editing is the effect of a plastic face. It happens when you go too far with cleaning the skin and now it looks smooth like a mannequin. Such unnaturalness can ruin even the most brilliant photo.

In order not to make your model a wax figure, always compare what you have already edited with the original image. To do this, at the beginning of the work, duplicate the portrait on a new layer and work on it. Then you can deactivate the working layer at any time and check yourself. If you see that the skin is very blurred, undo a few steps until the picture becomes natural again. After a while, you will begin to feel a perfect balance, but even then, it’s advisable to check yourself with the initial photo.

It’s also important when you make face reshaping, for example, enhance cheekbones or reduce a chin on a model’s request. When you striving for perfection, it’s very easy to change a person’s appearance making it unrecognizable, which is also bad for a visual editor.

A too white smile is bad

Teeth whitening is an integral part of portrait editing because a smile attracts the most attention. We always see white teeth in the photo so it seems that the shade of snow is a perfect option. However, for the smile to look natural, the color of the teeth should have a slight yellow tint. Otherwise, the portrait will look like an advertisement for lighting equipment.

Be careful with makeup adding while photo editing

Many photographers decide to add a little shade to the model’s eyes or lipstick on her lips after the end of the photo shoot. The only way, besides re-shooting, is to add makeup while retouching. However, this can bring a lot of troubles especially if you are a novice editor. You can experiment with adding color to a model’s face but be careful. It’s recommended to use natural shades only to make some parts of the face more expressive.

Actually, extra makeup is a good idea. As in real life, it can help adjust the contour of the face by adding darkening on the cheekbones and forehead along the hairline. However, in order to use all the secrets of using cosmetics during retouching, you should also learn the lessons from makeup artists. Also, red lips can make the look more passionate.

A quick way of photo wrinkle removal

Removing signs of aging is something every editor should be able to do, as everyone wants to look young. Getting rid of wrinkles is one of the most difficult stages of portrait retouching since you must leave the skin surface structure natural. Photoshop and similar programs have special tools for this, but you have to play with the settings anyway. Skin cleansing can take most of the editing time.

However, there is a faster way – wrinkle remover app. Special programs are ready to do all the “dirty work” for you. You will get the perfect result in a few minutes after uploading a photo. Retouchme is a popular face aging photo editor that is used by photographers of any level. It has many functions, but you can familiarize yourself with the wrinkle removal service by clicking the link retouchme.com/service/wrinkle-remover-app/. The application was developed by experienced editors who want to help their colleagues.

Don’t forget about hair

Retouching the skin is something you need to work on first but don’t forget about the hair. Gentle curls create a face frame but when you put them up, you emphasize the beauty of the neck and cheekbones. However, the hairstyle is not all, because the hair should also look great. For example, with effects and special brushes, you can add more shine. You can also change the shade of the hair or choose a completely different color. The main thing is to remember about naturalness.

Retouching a portrait is a difficult task for any editor. Learning how to create attractive skin without flaws and the effect of a plastic face can take a long time. However, any beginner has the right to become a professional. Even when you will feel like an experienced master, do not forget about the above tips. Also, feel free to use alternatives that make editing easier. Quick retouch programs are multifunctional and accessible to everyone.


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