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How Can You Get a Credit Card if You Have No Credit?


Whether you’re young, an immigrant, or you have just avoided any sort of credit for your entire life, it can put you in a strange situation in regards to your credit score. But, if you need a credit card for one reason or another, you may be looking at your options.

Thankfully, there are a lot of paths that you can take if you want to try and get a credit card without having any sort of credit score at all. Here are some of the steps you can take to make that a reality.

Have a Secure Job

Many times, if you have a secure job that is paying for your bills with some leftover, then you are in a much better position when it comes to looking for credit cards. More often than not, you will just need to get some sort of documentation from your boss or supervisor. Then, you can work with them in order to find your best way forward in regards to a credit card.

Search for Banks that Will Work With You  

There are a lot of banks that know and understand that some people just don’t have any credit. And that’s completely fine for them. Companies like Nova Credit will work directly with you by asking a series of questions during the application process. Then, those companies work with you to determine which credit card may be best for you and what you’re looking for.

Immigrants – Have Info From Your Home Country

If you’ve just moved to the United States, you may have some trouble getting a credit card. But, if you’re seeking out credit cards that are designed for immigrants, then you need to see what sorts of info that those companies may need. In many cases, they may use a letter of recommendation or the info you have from your home country’s way of dealing with credit information. Either way, that info from your home country can be incredibly helpful and useful as you start applying for cards.

Find a Co-Signer

In some cases, a co-signer with really good credit is going to be enough for you to go ahead and get what you need. Of course, there are some stipulations here. For example, if you don’t pay your credit card, your cosigner is going to be responsible and their credit is going to be affected by your mistake. Not only that, but it could make it more difficult for you to establish good credit in the future.

Become an Authorized User

In some instances, you may be able to be an authorized user of someone else’s credit. This involves permission from the person or entity that is in charge of the credit. As an authorized user, you are just able to use the card as if it were your own. It goes on your credit report, and any on-time payments that the primary account holder makes can help your credit score

Consider a Student Option

There are also a number of student cards – meant for 18 year olds that are fresh out of school – which can be useful for you as well. These usually require little to no credit history, and are designed to help you start building some sort of credit. They aren’t always available for people above the age of 25, but you can always check and see if you’re able to apply for one.

Find Prepaid Cards

 Some companies are actually developing prepaid cards that are designed like a credit card. So, you put a certain amount of money onto the card, and then you use it like you would a credit card. You get a balance “bill” and everything, and the company reports to the credit report companies. These are designed to help you build credit with little to no risk to their company.

See what you can find out there. Nowadays, credit card companies are not expecting absolutely pristine credit when you apply for a credit card. When all is said and done, you’ll find it much easier to sort out information and see what option is going to work best for you and everything that you want from your future credit card.


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