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Heading back to education? Here’s what you need to know…


Going back to education as an adult can feel a little daunting. It might have been a few years since you left university, or you could be embarking on your first taste of student life since leave school – many moons ago!

Regardless of your academic background and history, studying as an adult presents a whole different range of issues and concerns that might be giving your second thoughts. Will you cope with the study load? Can you really juggle your studies with work? What if you’re not cut out for it?

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s study journey is different, and its never too late to start something new. You might just surprise yourself. In order to help, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to prepare you for returning to education. Good luck!

Get the tools your need

If the thought of being caught plagiarizing fills you with dread, then help is at hand. There are plenty of online tools and providers that can ensure your work does not unwittingly duplicate someone else’s. This will then allow you to focus on the rest of your studies. Check out this provider here for more information on this.

Prepare your schedule and plan ahead

Of course you’re going to be given a timetable, which will give you simple guidelines identifying what you’re studying on which week and where and when any assignments are due. While this will help, you need to get specific. Invest in online and traditional calendars so you can fit your studying into your life schedule, have a whiteboard handy, so you adapt and swap your schedule around if needs be. Ensuring you are organised will help create a healthier balance between your work and study life, which in turn will make your studies much more enjoyable.

Get your finances in order

One mention of Student Finance and it’s usually met with groans and frustration. While this might be a common reaction, you should still ensure that all your finances are in order and you’re receiving anything you might be entitled to. If you’re unsure then speak to Student Finance as soon as possible. It’s also worth noting expenses such as computer equipment, stationary and broadband connection upgrades.

Create the right study environment

If you’re embarking on long distance learning then having a specific area dedicated to your studies is vital to your success. Having your reference books, stationary and laptop piled high ontop of the sofa while the kids play isn’t going to do you any favours. Find a space that works for you and that is free of distractions. It could be an office space, the landing, or even your bedroom. Try to remove all distractions such as TVs, piles of washing or any tasks that might steal your focus!

Ask for help

Believe it or not, you’ll probably have an army of friends and family who want you to succeed. If you need help, or if you’re struggling to concentrate, ask them to entertain the kids for a while, or do a few errands for you while you study.




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