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How to Create Your Own House of Fun


With every dawning day, something new, better and more immersive is introduced in the gaming world, thanks to the ever-evolving technology.

How to Create Your Own House of Fun

With every dawning day, something new, better and more immersive is introduced in the gaming world, thanks to the ever-evolving technology. Gamers who are just looking to blow off steam without much hassle can take on instant play options such as the House of Fun slots without spending a dime. As long as you have a steady and reliable internet connection and a computer or mobile device, you are good to go.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend an extra buck, you can go the extra mile to create your own house of fun, at the comfort of your couch at home. Forget about consoles or rigs that you can soup up to handle the most demanding games. The ultimate house of fun today is experiencing your favourite games in VR. One of those exceptional games you can enjoy in VR, for instance, is BioShock Infinite from Irrational Games.

The big question is, however, how can you bring this house of fun home? Well, there is a selection of VR hardware you can acquire, and that’s the main scoop of today’s post. Let’s dig in!    

Best Virtual Reality Headsets

Some of the best VR headsets that money can buy today are:

Oculus Quest

Now, this is the way Virtual Reality is supposed to be. Oculus Quest is Facebook’s second Virtual Reality standalone headset from its Oculus VR division. By standalone, it implies that there is no wire within reach. With the integrated sensors and computer algorithms, you can effortlessly walk into your chosen playroom without worrying about bumping into a wall.

The system is still expanding its collection of games, and some of the titles will either be multiplayer or will have cross-buy functionality. This functionality allows you to play with Oculus Rift and Go owners. Nevertheless, the cherry on top is the casting ability through which you can share your VR experience with others via TV or smartphone. How about that?

The Oculus Touch controllers here remain the best in the business. They are comfortable and lightweight, with no unnecessary hand cramps when you play for long hours. The coolest part of the controllers is how they excellently substitute for your hands. You can easily point, fold a fist, wave, and grab without any pressure. And even better, you won’t need them as much in the near future since hand-tracking is coming to the headset.

Besides the hardware, one of the features that make Quest stand out is Oculus’ dedication to the software. Its already-big collection is getting even bigger with the addition of several Oculus Go titles. Furthermore, with the new Oculus software update, you’ll be able to plug a USB-C cord and play Oculus Rift games.

Additionally, Oculus is also tilting towards the social factor of Virtual Reality, creating multiplayer and cross-buy titles. Since you can cast your virtual fun times to any compatible devices, it will be much easier for you to share your progress and achievements in the game when the social features are fully developed.


  • Seamless All-in-one VR solution
  • Has the ability to cast content to TVs and smartphones
  • Wide collection of apps
  • Capable of room-scale VR
  • Crisp graphics with negligible motion blur


  • Tedious downloads
  • A bit expensive

Oculus Rift

Whether you are inserting a virus into an unprotected PC or injecting it into the human bloodstream, the Rift comes with some impressing wow moments. More importantly, it doesn’t require a whole lot of space, except if you want all-inclusive room tracking abilities. What is more, Oculus Rift can work with low-level graphics cards like Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti, on account of the firm’s branded Asynchronous Spacewarp.

By a long shot, the headset’s touch controllers are the most comfortable in the PC-powered Virtual Reality headset market. Owing to how the buttons and analogue sticks are positioned, you’ll feel like you’re making a relaxing fist. Actions, such as grabbing a bottle, feel fluid and natural. Moreover, you can put into a pair of Oculus’ detachable earphones to enhance the aspect of interaction.

Since Oculus Rift was launched, Oculus has managed to expand its collection to more than 1,000 games. This consists of titles from AAA creators such as Harmonix, Insomniac Games, and Ubisoft. The company has also been financing numerous developers projects, maintaining a continuous flow of content going. Then since Oculus VR is owned by Facebook, the firm is always looking for ways through which VR interactions can become more social via multiplayer experiences.


  • Comes with a sleek and comfortable design
  • Simple setup
  • A substantial array of Virtual Reality games and applications
  • Instinctive interface


  • The touch controllers aren’t accessible at launch
  • You cannot install games from the headset

The Impact of VR Elsewhere

Home entertainment and gaming aside, there are still other ways VR brings a house of fun to your home’s comfort in other sectors. They include:

Virtual Reality Showrooms

Virtual reality is already altering how people shop for smart home technology. Rather than glancing stationary shows at a retail establishment, you can stay in the comfort of your own home to experience smart home products, how they look and function as you move virtually through every room.

Azione Unlimited runs one of the primary showrooms. The showrooms take advantage of virtual reality to offer you a more lifelike view of the effect of smart home technology on your everyday life. The Azione’s Virtual Reality Show House is powered by a robust graphics engine, similar to what top video game studios use to generate their content.

As we speak, the demo can run on a mobile app or via your web browser, so that you can take a peek without having to leave your home. You can control the showroom demo using an Xbox or a PC game controller and get the view via an Oculus Rift headset, or project it to several viewers people simultaneously on a monitor or an HDTV. The base model comprises more than 100 products from 30 firms, but it is set to grow after the official launch.

Virtual Reality Customer Experience

Through the help of a home systems integrator, you can ‘move through’ a virtual product and test out its range of elements. You can as well choose to view a pop-up info panel that illustrates the features of a particular product or part of the product even before you ‘take it for a ride.’ With the tactile experience, you quickly get an idea of the different accessible options plus how the product functions. Most importantly, you can visualize the end result in your own home without having to leave home!

Virtual Reality Tours in Smart Homes

Although the best way to experience smart home technology is to touch and use it, Virtual Reality can be used to give you a picture of how the systems will integrate. While this application is still under development, it will simplify the procedure of incorporating smart products and systems into a home.

As we speak, home systems can remotely access the system of their customers to fix problems, update software and monitor the status of their range of smart home products. VR smart home tours may perhaps do a similar thing. By viewing a home via VR, you can more precisely express how you would like your smart home to perform, reducing any costs or time you could have otherwise spent modifying your systems.


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