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How 5G Technology Will Change the World


Earlier this year, the UK became one of the first nations in Europe to begin rolling out 5g. All Warrington locals are able to use nperf.com in order to discover which type of internet technology is available in their area.

Currently, 5G is not available in Warrington, however, it is only a matter of time before it becomes available.

For many people, the arrival of 5G technology and services in the UK was met with great excitement. If you think that 5G is just another internet service, think again. New 5G technology – which is currently available through EE and Vodacom in the UK – promises to be able to connect more devices to the net, reduce delays, and deliver the type of ultra-fast internet that the global population has been yearning for. Super-fast internet is here. And that’s not all! According to the article presented by the BBC, when 5G is fully active, it will have the ability to support a wide range of new tech including IoT (Internet of Things), robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and even self-driving cars. Now is the time to be truly excited, because 5G is a tech user’s dream-come-true!

5G Technology Means High Speed Gaming, Streaming, Surfing

Astoundingly, while 5G offers more capacity than 4G, it is also a whopping 100 times faster. Just think about how fast that is. It is really, fast! With such fast internet service available, the older 3G and 4G services are going to lose their appeal and feel like snail-pace to those who must use it for some or other reason. Once you have experienced the superiority of 5G, there’s no turning back. You will want it…no, you will need it!

With 5G tech, gaming, streaming and surfing online all become instantaneous. Forget about lagging, dropping connections, and all the regular frustrations that came with internet services of old.

The only downside to 5G’s arrival in the UK was that not all areas got it immediately – Warrington included. There is nothing to be worried about though, because 5G is on its way.

In recent news, the general public has been clearly advised, via the UK 5G website, that Warrington is one of the areas that will have 5G readily available before 2019 closes its doors! That is just around the corner! For those who live in Cardiff, Manchester, Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Bristol, and Liverpool; 5G is already been rolled out.

One community that has been most excited about 5G technology reaching Warrington (and the rest of the UK) is the online gambling community. What does 5G technology mean for online gambling in the United Kingdom? Let’s answer that question right now.

Benefits of 5G Technology for Online Gaming in the UK

When 5G hits Warrington, online gamblers and video gamers in the area are sure to be smiling. Why? Here are a few reasons why:

  • 5G provides a highly improved user experience.
    Online gambling requires high speed and low latency, which is exactly what 5G promises to deliver.
  • Removes the requirement for expensive hardware.
    As a result, cloud gambling will become more accessible and more prominent.
  • Promises high-speed, low cost mobile connectivity.

While many online gamblers prefer to use their laptop or desktop for long hours of gambling (due to data costs and connectivity reliability), now more people will opt to access online gambling websites via their mobile phone. This ensures an upsurge in the online gambling industry’s revenue.

Be Part of the Future

As the 5G service makes its way into Warrington, residents who are reliant on high speed internet access are sure to take up the opportunity to subscribe to it. As the UK upgrades to 5G services, this will also create a mini boom for industries which are reliant on their customers gaining access to a fast and secure internet connection. Numerous online UK slot sites, for example, will certainly anticipate a growth in the number of players who visit their websites when 5G becomes readily available across the UK. If you are a gambler, it is advised to only use online gambling sites that are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission as these are sites guaranteed to provide fair play and of course, offer gambling that abides by the law of the land. For good or bad, 5G will make online gambling more accessible, but players must still be wary of signing up for play with just any casino.

5G Gambling is the Way of the Future

All businesses and private individuals across the UK are keen to get their hands on the latest 5G service and for good reason. What does it mean for the future of online gaming? It means faster games, easier access, cheaper data costs, and of course, a greatly improved user experience. 5G is not just going to change the future of the internet; it is the future of the internet and it will be coming to Warrington before the year us out.


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