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Which UK Companies Dominate the Job Market


When looking for a new job, certain companies become more attractive. The reasons for this often boil down to working hours, pay, bonuses and prestige. Yet, another influencing factor is job security.

The bigger the company and more successful it is, the better chance you have of holding onto your position through forecasted economic turbulence.

The UK is home to many of these superstar companies which employ thousands of people across the globe. From London to Manchester and Edinburgh, they are in operation and they are always on the hunt for talented professionals. So, which UK companies are continuing to dominate the local job markets?

#1 Amazon

Amazon jobs can be rather diverse from data analysis wrestling with numbers to creative content specialists. The best thing about aspiring to work for Amazon in the UK is that they are located in more than five locations evenly spread around the kingdom.

Some of their best openings are currently in Manchester. Check them out now by using Job rapido to search for jobs in Manchester.

#2 Apple

Another big name in operation around the UK is Apple. Alike Amazon they are also housed in multiple locations from London to smaller cities such as Norwich or St. Albans. Apple jobs in the UK are just as appealing and handsomely paid as elsewhere, with positions in machine learning and various other engineering jobs available.

#3 Google

Not as well spread out as the former powerhouses but just as dominating in the job market is Google. The website giant is currently based in London and Cambridge with flashy offices and high-paying salaries. They are seeking our scientists, researchers, AI technicians and even linguists to expand their services.

#4 Facebook

Facebook has been under the microscope over the last years about the way it operates and how it protects user data. With these issues aside, the company is still a colossal name on any CV and a fantastic company to work for with lucrative packages and exponential career growth. If you want to work for them in the UK however, you will also have to be prepared to live in London.

#5 Barclays

North, south, east and west – there are opportunities everywhere to join one of the UK’s most successful banking operations. Many of their open positions revolve around data analysis or developing ways to enhance financial security.

Notice the Trend?

Did you notice a thread between all of these companies dominating the UK job market? Yes – they are all working in tech or finance. These two industries are booming at the moment because they have the ability to power products and services and make them better.

Moreover, the people that have talent and qualifications in these areas are in high demand. If you are a big data specialist, a researcher or a coder, you can expect offers left, right and centre in the UK job market right now.


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