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Boost Conversions on Your Blog in These 11 Proven Ways


If you’re a talented writer and have gathered up the confidence to finally start your own blog, then you understand the importance of having traffic and selling the people who follow you on the ideas and content that you are proposing.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop at the fact that every now and then, you have people taking a look at your page. You need subscriptions to guarantee that you have a proper pool of clients or readers. Having a successful conversion means that you have not only gotten the attention of the market you’re aiming for, but you’ve been successful enough to have them commit to your blog.

What you need is an understanding of how conversion works and how you can boost it for your blog, and this is why we’re going to provide you with 11 proven ways to get boost conversion on your page.

Know your target audience

In order to boost your conversions effectively, the first thing you need to do is to have a target audience. Different audiences can be appealed to using different techniques, so before you get to your content and your marketing strategies, you need to decide on who you’re trying to target.

Have flawless content

You cannot have a blog that will grow if you’re not impeccable about the quality of the content. You need to always check that the grammar and sentence structure of the content is perfect. A good idea is to invest in a software that will help look over and find any mistakes. Grammarly in particular is known for its ability to thoroughly go over all of the details for you, and reading an online grammarly review will give you a better understanding on how it works and more importantly, how it can benefit you in terms of boosting your conversion. It’s one tool that will guarantee flawless content.

Create a visible call to action

A call to action is an invitation for the reader to take a certain action in regards to your blog. This could be to sign up with their email for notifications or to become a part of a membership, or to even visit a different part of your blog, for example. The best way to have an effective call to action is to not have it at the very beginning. You want to give the customer a chance to have exposure to your product and content before asking for a call to action.

CTA placement

Knowing where to place your call to action strategically is extremely important, and you need to do so in order for the CTA to be effective at all. You should put it in the middle of the content, and definitely at the end so that you can remind the reader that they have the option to commit to your blog and what you have to offer.

Have a pop-up implemented

Using pop-ups is extremely effective, and it’s something you definitely shouldn’t miss out on if you want to boost conversions. These usually appear as soon as a reader visits your page. It can ask the reader to join a newsletter or get notifications about your blog.

Utilize heat maps

Heat maps are crucial for boosting conversions for your blog. It is basically a physical map displaying the stats of where the most action is on your page, showing you exactly where most people spend their time looking at the content. This helps you understand what the customer is interested in and what they’re looking for when they visit and read your blog, helping you tailor it for better viewing in the future as you move forward and work with your content.

Easier viewing of content – slide outs

It’s always a smart idea to give the easiest kind of access for your viewers. You can have slide outs to offer your reader the option to move on to the next topic with ease without having to scroll down, and it also allows them to see what kind of content is available overall.

Get customer feedback

If you don’t take into consideration your customer feedback, then you’re never going to be able to move forward and increase your conversions in an effective manner. A good way to do this is to have your readers take a quiz at the end of your blog, or ask them to leave comments so that you can have a better understanding of what works and what you may need to change, remove or include.

Increase content regularly

This one is a given. To consistently increase traffic, or even to keep your current clients loyal and interested, it’s important that you are adding new content to your blog on a regular basis. You should also test out different patterns in terms of how often you release content, at what time, and also the length of your content to understand when readers might be losing interest so that you are catering to their needs in a way that keeps them coming back for more.

Try out different formats

There are generally a couple of standard formats available that are used for better viewing in most blogs. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t experiment with a number of different formats and ask for feedback from clients in order to see what appeals to your clientele. You’ll be happy to know that changing things up every once in awhile keeps things interesting as well.

Appeal to the aesthetics

The best things you can do when it comes to boosting conversions is always go back to the basics. Because people are so quick to switch from one topic or page to another, you need to be smart about how you play around with the visual appeal of your page. Learn about colors, shapes and placement. The size and the kind of font you use will also play a role in all of this.

You may be an incredible writer and your blog might actually be one in a million, but that means nothing if you’re not smart about how you go about boosting conversions. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of your game and always know the tricks of the trade to keep the customers happy.



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