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Transforming businesses with Microlearning: Trends in training


A significant part of the elders’ wisdom that has trickled down from generations has been about education and learning.

Even though learning and training have become more scientifically data-driven fields today, some concepts have remained and evolved to be a part of the modern corporate world. One such idea is of Microlearning – Or, breaking down lessons into graspable chunks of knowledge.

Here’s how microlearning has become the latest rage in corporate training for its effectiveness and how you can benefit from it.

What is Microlearning?

Microlearning can be understood as “bite-sized” knowledge – It’s straightforward and only in a certain quantity that can be healthily accepted by the leaner at one point of time.

But before understanding how this concept is more beneficial, let’s take a look at the current corporate segmentation based on culture.

Widely, we can observe two black and white trends prevailing in the corporate world today,

  1. Number-oriented: These are the businesses which are more focussed upon business growth in terms of sales, profits, revenues, share prices (if applicable), etc. Their goal is to create a sizeable revenue-generating business primarily.
  2. People-oriented: These are the businesses that measure their growth in terms of revenue, profit, as well as its people. Employee satisfaction, retention, efficiency, productivity, etc. are significant metrics on which the growth of these businesses is scaled.

More often than not, the first kind of businesses is more likely to treat employee training as a revenue increasing scheme. This might not be a wrong idea, but since their approach is not surrounding the employees but rather profit, they might disregard their employees’ current capabilities to complete the training programs, which is not such an effective training strategy in the long term.

Enter, Microlearning.

How does it help?

Many professional eLearning content providers have started incorporating microlearning modules for businesses. This concept has several advantages over training methods. Here are some for a better understanding.

  • Digestible content: Learning and training in new concepts can get overwhelming for employees at the beginning of training programs. With the short-n-crisp idea of microlearning, companies can allow anywhere between one and ten minutes of sessions every day.
  • Improved business growth: With the help of microlearning, businesses can easily set simultaneous training programs in multiple locations for any number of distributed workers that they might have. And since, microlearning is generally enabled through mobile learning; it is highly accessible and flexible for employees of all categories. This gives them the liberty to learn to the best of their capabilities, which produces better results.
  • Highly effective concept: Many organisations struggle with scheduling training sessions according to every employee’s availability. And even still, some employees end up missing sessions due to personal or work-related commitments. Microlearning takes away such bottlenecks entirely.

With its highly accessible and flexible approach to training, microlearning enables every employee to take out a few minutes from their daily schedule for a quick session, even when they are “on the go”.

  • Low cognitive load: Cognitive load, necessarily, is a fundamental idea of how a learning course must be designed or set-up. It includes the hard chronology of concepts, along with the information and its presentation. With its “chunked” methodology, microlearning provides a considerable extent of flexibility to the learners.
  • Remote learning: The medium of microlearning courses is many times extended to mobile devices. This makes learning from any time, anywhere extremely simple. Be it, lessons, tests, quizzes, studies, or anything else, they can be quickly delivered to the trainees without any hassle.

Many great microlearning content providers tailor custom microlearning courses according to the individual needs of companies and their employees.

Technology has gained new heights today. It is time for us to use it to our benefit.



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