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Under most circumstances, online gambling is a fun and exciting form of adult entertainment. It’s a great way to pass some time and perhaps win a little money in the process.

Unfortunately, there is a small group of people who are particularly vulnerable to having a gambling problem. With the UK Gambling Commission’s recent push towards protecting the most vulnerable people in society from destroying their lives by excessive online gambling, there’s been an industry-wide initiative to finds ways to protect problem gamblers. The rest of the gambling community gets unfettered access to online casinos and sports books.

Starting in May 2018, there was a very important program instituted to give problem gamblers an opportunity to self-exclude them from having access to UK online gambling sites. Behind the full support of the UK gambling Commission and under the direction of the United Kingdom’s Remote Gambling Association, the Gamstep program has been serving problem gamblers and online gambling operators with a high degree of success. Before going into the details of the program, more information can be found here about the program.

How to Register with Gamstop

It’s worth noting that the Gamstop website operates independently of UK gambling sites. The website is integrated with member online gambling sites that feel they have a responsibility to protect people from the ravages of irresponsible and uncontrollable gambling. For the problem gambler who is seeking help, the registration process is rather simple.

Once the individual arrives on the Gamstop website, they’ll get a complete introduction to the program and how it works. Should the individual decide to go forward with the self-exclusion registration process, they will receive an invitation to do so. While the registration form does require the individual to provide personal information, there is no cause for alarm. The personal information is kept confidential. It is simply used to help affiliated gambling sites properly identify the gamblers who actually are expressing a desire to be self-excluded from having access to any affiliated online gambling sites.

The required information includes full name, email address, verifiable address and current phone contact number. Under no circumstances will third party registrations be accepted. The individual going through the registration process has to be the individual to whom the self-exclusion feature is going to be applicable.

How the Self-Exclusion Process Works

Once the registration form has been submitted and verified, the individual’s personal details are entered into the Gamstop database. Should they subsequently try to open a gambling account with a Gamstop affiliated online gambling site, the personal data from the online gambling site will be cross referenced to the Gamstop database. Should more than one piece of information come back as a match, the individual’s registration attempted will be blocked.

The problem gambler does have some flexibility during the Gamstop registration process. They can request that the self-exclusion feature be enforced on a permanent basis or over a designated period of time. For what it’s worth, the industry calls this designated period of self-exclusion a cooling off period. Once the time barrier is cleared, the individual will have an opportunity to reassess their circumstances and proceed as they want.


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