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6 Email Marketing Trends for 2019


Email marketing has been holding its own for several years now as one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with existing and potential customers.

Marketers can get the most out of their email marketing efforts by keeping abreast of developments and trends in this lucrative approach to direct marketing.

Here’s a close look at 6 email marketing trends you should be following for 2019.

  1. Increased Average Order Value Via Mobile Channels

Average order value (AOV) is an important metric for assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and overall profitability. AOV from mobile channels has, in the past, trailed far behind desktop-generated figures. We are in the midst of a reversal of that trend, however, thanks to growing confidence and willingness among customers when it comes to making purchases of high-value items via mobile.

To take advantage of this in 2019, marketers should implement strategies to improve the customers’ mobile experience when interacting with their brand. Adding elements such as high-quality pictures and video, as well as more in-depth product information can help.

  1. Increased Use of Loyalty Programmes to Generate Data for Personalization

Email marketers routinely use captured data to assess customer behaviour and preferences. This allows you to create a profile of your “perfect” customer and fashion a more personalized experience for them. You can then focus on going after new leads with the same characteristics knowing that they, most likely, will prove to be as lucrative as your current loyal customers.

Where are marketers looking to get this valuable data and insight from in 2019?

One of the best places is loyalty programmes. These already let you nurture repeat customers who, it is known, spend more on successive purchases and have greater lifetime value to a brand. Add to those the emerging benefit of loyalty programmes being instrumental in data gathering, and we can expect to see rapid growth in their use among marketers.

  1. Timing of Emails for Better Open and Click-Through Rates

Unopened email is about as effective as email which wasn’t sent. Getting customers to open an email and then complete whatever action you need them to do is one of the main goals of marketers. How are email marketers looking to do this? Timing of emails is one way.

Marketers are beginning to take note of the ideal times to send out email to contacts for the highest open and click-through rates. Omnisend revealed that the beginning of the month and specific times of 8 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm generally worked best. Companies can also analyse their own captured data to find what holds true for them.

  1. Better ROI with Targeted Campaigns and Custom Automated Workflows

The next 2019 email marketing trend to watch is the move toward cultivation of higher quality contacts rather than volume. How are email marketers doing this? By using information gleaned from various data sources to build targeted or segmented campaigns. Along with segmentation, more and more companies are looking to build custom automated email workflows.

While both approaches produce fewer leads, marketers realize that targeted campaigns and custom automated workflows yield leads of a much higher quality than the generic, one-size-fits-all approach. This is evidenced by their higher open and click-through rates. The personalized effect of these two methods also improves customers’ perception of how well a brand is in tune with their needs.

  1. Customer Engagement Boosted by Interactive Content

Interactivity is the name of the game for 2019 – literally! Email which is interesting, informative and fun has the effect of keeping customers engaged while helping to build brand recognition. An example is the rollover, where hovering over a part of a picture in the email reveals hidden information, perhaps about a product or some major development within the company. The rollover is also a feature of emails containing a simple quiz meant to engage and challenge the receiver, making contact with the brand a fun and memorable experience.

And how do you get those email addresses in the first place? Interactivity is the trend to follow there, too. List-building with dynamic sign up forms has proven to be more effective than static sign-up boxes. Be it a pop-up, Wheel of Fortune or landing page approach, customers find interactivity much more enticing when it comes to getting on board with what you have to offer.

  1. Choice of Omnichannel Campaigns Over Single-Channel Marketing

Another 2019 trend for email marketers to take into consideration is the use of omnichannel campaigns for greater customers spending when compared to single-channel marketing. After looking at the figures for the previous year, Omnisend revealed that use of three or more channels garnered “90% higher customer retention rate, and 250% higher engagement and purchase rates.” Those figures are hard to ignore.

Embracing the omnichannel approach is definitely the way forward. Why is this trend possibly the easiest one to call? Simple – customers are already living a pluri-channel life and so reaching out to them on all those channels increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

The Bottom Line

By aiming to reach clients over multiple mobile channels with personalized and improved content, businesses could see their AOV soar for 2019.



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