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Designing a kick-ass sales brochure – five awesome hacks


Have you designed sales brochures in the past only to find they fall flat of your goals?

If the brochure didn’t result in the kind of customer engagement, interest, and sales you had hoped it may not be your product or service to blame; it could be the brochure itself.

The way in which you craft and design the brochure is what garners the attention of readers, and can ultimately help you close that all-important sale.

So, before designing your next sales brochure that leaves you underwhelmed with the response, you may want to check out these five awesome hacks that will ensure it’s a kick-ass sales brochure.

Make Sure It Fits the Customer

One mistake that you could be making is designing a sales brochure that doesn’t speak to your target customer. Make sure you understand who your customer is and what appeals to them. This is the only way you’ll capture their attention enough that they actually open up the brochure and take a look.

Include Images

Another key to a successful sales brochure is to include images. Sure you may have a page dedicated to a product you are selling and some pictures to go along with it, but the rest of the brochure shouldn’t be purely text. Mix things up, pepper in some relevant images, and break up that wall of text.

If you’re having a hard time finding images, you can always check out Oberlo, which offers a user-friendly image reverse search to help you find exactly what you’re looking for on three different search engines – Yandex, Bing, and Google.

Make Sure the Brochure is Concise

The brochure should also be very concise and easy to understand. Customers shouldn’t have to scroll through multiple paragraphs or pages just to get the general idea of what the product or service is that you are trying to sell. Things need to be clear and concise from the get-go.

Make Use of Headlines

A tip from the pros is to also make sure you are using headlines throughout the brochure, keeping paragraphs to a maximum of two or three sentences. When you keep text sections short, people are more willing to read through it, and they can also skip around to the sections that are of the most interest to their needs and wants.

If you are having a hard time cramming everything into a short paragraph, don’t be afraid to use bullet points.

It Needs a Call to Action

No matter what product or service you are selling and advertising, the brochure also needs to have a call to action. That can include such things as “visit our website”, “give us a call”, “get a free quote”, “make an appointment today”, or any other call to action. You want to invoke that engagement from them.

A Brochure that Furthers Your Goals

By following each of these simple tips, you’ll be able to create a kick-ass brochure that furthers your company’s sales goals.


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