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Useful tips for making a cool photo booth


Arranging a cool photo booth is a great option when a photographer is too expensive. It can be a great option for any kind of event such as parties, family reunion, weddings, etc.

Making one on your own is very easy and straight forwarded. You just need a background, camera, and tripod. You can make it cool by making Mirror photo booth or can use a magic mirror, the choice is yours. In a wedding, it is difficult to find a photographer as he is in so many places. Having a photo booth at the reception is good and fun to play with for your guests. They can even use their smartphone camera to capture a photo. In this article, we will provide you with some tips that can help you make a cool DIY photo booth.


To make photos look good, you need a lot of light. There are two main types of lights, artificial and natural light.


Natural light is always the best option as it is abundant and free in the summer and spring months. You can use it indoors and outdoors, however, care about the amount of light. Reflectors are very good for pointing the light at a scene and use a support to keep it steady. Moreover, the temperature of natural light varies at different times of the day. The best hours to capture a photo is a golden and blue hour. The main problem is you cannot manage the natural light. You can not change the strength and temperature of the light.


On the other hand, artificial light is the most suitable option. The main benefit is you can manage the strength and temperature of the light. However, the artificial light is not free so you have some dollars for it in your budget. You can use as much light as you want according to the needs of the photo booth. You can use the softbox, beauty dish, studio lights or ring flash. If you want the best results, then choose a place where natural light is present.


It is important to have a trigger in the photo booth as it can help the subjects to photograph themselves. There are many types such as wired remote, wireless remote, etc. Wireless remote is quite a good option but it can be easily lost. On the other hand, wired remote is cheaper but cannot be operated on camera. You can use a digital trigger that works on self-timer or with a sound. Moreover, many cameras have a built-in self-timer of 2 to 5 seconds.


Setting up background is very important for a photo booth to make things more exciting. You can use your creative thinking to make one or can use a natural scene. You can use either a fancy or a simple depending on the event. You can also buy a pre-designed backdrop online or from a party store. If you decide to make on your own, then you can use anything you wish for decorating it.


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