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Living With An Colostomy Bag


If you’ve been told you’ll be having an Ostomy, you’re probably wondering about how it will affect your life.

The idea of living with a bag attached to your stomach might seem freaky, but you’ll soon realize that it isn’t as bad as you think and that you’ll be able to go on with your life as usual.

The doctors and nurses will help you every step of the way, but to give you an idea, here’s the basics of what to expect while living with a colostomy bag:

Most of the time, the surgery is performed only a short time after the diagnosis, leaving you with minimal time to cope and adjust. But once the surgery is done, you will start to understand what needs to be changed in order to live with a bag glued to your stomach. With proper education and guidance, living with a colostomy can be quite manageable and will only require a modification to your lifestyle.

Learn how your new body works

The doctor will definitely give you a whole list of instructions and prepare you, but you need to understand your new body as far as eating is concerned in order to comprehend what to expect. Understanding how frequently you need to clean your bag out or the habits that make it fill up faster, will help you not only prepare for events, but also become more confident and not worry about accidents happening. In the beginning, it will take some getting used to, but once you’ve noticed the pattern and understood how the timeline works, you will know what to expect and be able to adjust according to your plans.

Wear your Ostomy proudly

Just like the plumbing sometimes wears out and a new pathway is found to help reroute the flow, there are certain bodies that need a colostomy bag to fix their own plumbing. If you change the way you perceive what’s happening inside your body and understand that it’s a fix that will help you live and thrive, you will start conceiving your Ostomy as an advantage and be able to wear it proudly. Understand that having a colostomy is not the end of the world. There are many modern colostomy products that are designed to go unnoticed under clothing and help you carry out all your normal life functions without getting in the way. Wearing an Ostomy belt will not only make your colostomy bag camouflage, but it will also provide you with the utmost level of support during any activity. Put on your ostomy belt by Stealth Belt with pride and confidence and aim to live your life to the fullest with the security and confidence that the stealth belt provides. The belts are slim, low profile and come in various modern and trendy designs that can be worn with any outfit to make you feel even more confident. The important thing is to not be ashamed or let your colostomy bag hold you back from doing the things you love most. You will still be able to go back to work, have sex and maintain your day-to-day activities. Life with an Ostomy isn’t always easy, but you just need to modify a few aspects and take your Ostomy into consideration, rather than put your entire life on hold.

Understanding how it works

Most colostomy devices are a two-pouch system. This system is made up of a flange which is a rubbery circle that sticks to your skin on top of the stoma, and a pouch which is attached to the flange and collects the stool. There are quite a few types in the market, and so you’ll need to try different ones until you feel comfortable with a certain type. Your doctors and nurses will provide you with instructions and details of where to get your supplies, as well as things to take into consideration like showering and cleaning your bag.

Always be prepared

As terrifying as it might sound, you need to understand that there is a possibility that accidents will happen and you will find yourself facing leaks when you least expect it. Over time, you’ll adjust and adapt and therefore the accidents will be minimal, but just in case you are put in that situation, be sure to always have your Ostomy supplies with you at all times. Eat a well-balanced diet Your diet will have to change in order to make your life with Ostomy easier. It is best to avoid foods that cause gas, such as cabbage, beans and garlic. A balanced diet will help you avoid getting constipation or diarrhea and not make things worse for your colostomy.

Once you’ve understood the implications of a colostomy bag and how frequently you need to change it, you’ll realize that you can go on about your life normally and there is nothing to freak out about. Just follow the instructions and guidelines and just live your life.




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