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Top tips for surviving allergies


Allergy season can be really cruel. Rainy and snowy season can be really mean to people with allergies.

This is because tree and grass pollen is really abundant that part of the year. As you shift from winter to warm weather, there is pollen release and the wind will send particles is to the air. Because of that, those particles enter ours eyes, noses and throats, triggering a lot of symptoms. The symptoms will include sneezing, itchiness, congestion, diarrhoea, any many other conditions. Below, we give top tips for surfing allergies. We know they will help you when the time comes.

Determine If It’s an Allergy or Not

It may be difficult to know if you have an allergy or not. However, you must know that if the condition lasts for more than 2 weeks, then it’s definitely an allergy. Also, if your condition isn’t accompanied by aches and fever, it’s an allergy.

Visit the Drugstore Quickly 

Some Medes in your drawer may not work on certain allergies. Because of that, you will need to experiment with many drugs. It should be noted that some meds may not work because they may not match your individual metabolism. As a result, they will fail to work. You may, therefore, visit an allergist who will prescribe meds that will work for you.

Salt Water Will Help

Certain meds will make you feel foggy and tired. When that happens, try a saline nasal rinse. This will help with clearing some allergens from your nasal membranes, thereby lessening the symptoms. If you are experiencing a scratchy or sore throat, you can gargle salt water as this helps soothe your throat. You definitely do not want to stop enjoying playing your best online casino games because of sore throat.

Exercise Indoors

Pollen counts are usually high in the mornings. That means you should stay indoors in the morning. If you really must work out, try doing it in your living room.

Remove Workout Clothes As Soon As Possible

When you exercise outdoors, your clothes will get some allergens, which you will definitely bring back into your home. Because of that, make sure you remove your workout clothes as soon as you get back home. Even if you are in a hurry to check your sports book online accounts, that can wait. Remove the workout clothes immediately. Also, make sure that your shower soon after that to get rid of the pollen that may be clinging to your body.


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