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First impressions and value the key to a successful business


Businesses everywhere have long since understood the value of a strong first impression. Whether through cultivating a brand presence online and in-store or offering the best deals to customers, a first impression goes a long way.

Warrington, a town with aspirations to expand business interest in the local area, is no different in this respect. Considering the proximity to retail and business hubs such as Manchester and Liverpool, it is even more important to make a big impact when people first visit the town.

Once you have made a good impression, you also have to offer clients and customers something of value. This could be a way of saving money or, indeed, a way of making money.

Warrington Town Hall” by Racklever (Public Domain)

So, how can this be done? How can businesses, whatever they may be, draw consumers in at the first time of asking while also helping people make money or savings that will have them coming back for more?

Hi-tech growing in Warrington

Warrington Town centre” by Ian Cunliffe (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Hi-tech industries have been thriving ever since the internet created new possibilities. There are opportunities for web designers, app creators and game developers to thrive in a new, creative environment, but the branding of these industries is almost as important as the expertise required to work in them.

Take game designers NetEnt as an example. They have a logo which is neat, clean and very much their own. NetEnt Casino, an extension of this industry that directs customers to online casinos that feature NetEnt titles, recently upgraded its website in order to make a better first impression to those wishing to play these titles online. This is vitally important because, with all the competition out there, being able to remain an authoritative source of information regarding casino bonuses can help accrue repeat business in a highly competitive industry. There is a greater emphasis these days on consumers making the best choices when it comes to any facet of spending money online. With this considered, creating a clear and concise brand that easily breaks down the bonuses available to customers, from matched deposits to free spins, can go a long way to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Warrington’s hi-tech firms are also following this example, which is part of the reason they are doing so well despite being surrounded by larger cities. In January 2019, the Base, an office hub in the town, was reported on by the local council’s director of growth, Steve Park, as having excellent potential for economic success.

These businesses sharing this office space are nearly all in the high-tech industry and were all launching new products or systems to great success.

The open web-source developer Ixis works out of the Base and registered an increase of profits from £227,000 to £638,000, which is hugely encouraging. Again, they have a smart website, a clear brand and offer service and value which has helped their growth.

These firms all achieve such results by making a great first impression and by offering excellent rates and support in the services they provide, much like our examples above.

Logo design key to a good first impression

This may sound obvious, but having a good logo such as NetEnt’s is more important than ever due to the competitiveness of the modern market. The logo is the first thing many people will see when interacting with a business and it will be the most prominent image that represents the company brand worldwide or locally for smaller enterprises.

For example, in 2000, it is well known that BP spent £136 million on their sunflower design, and in 2010, GAP did a U-turn on a proposed logo revamp, such was the public outcry. With so much investment in this area, it’s clear that an attractive and concise logo is vital across many industries.

The core values of businesses have not changed hugely over time, but the internet and more challenging economic conditions have made it harder to be successful. Following some of the key principles will help Warrington’s business thrive and continue to be the leaders in their field.


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