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Are mobile casinos more popular than desktop casinos?


There was a time when the question was whether online casinos in general are a more popular choice than traditional casinos, but those days are behind us now.

At this point in time, online casinos have been established as the more convenient option for gamblers all over the UK and abroad. However, the recent upsurge of smartphones and their continuously increasing popularity has further divided the online casino genre into two subgenres based on the device used – namely the desktop casino and the phone casino. Has the smartphone revolution managed to topple even the desktop casino, and make the phone casino come out on top?

The Answer is Yes

Mobile casino apps and the overall usage of smartphones for playing casino games has now surpassed the use of desktops for gambling online, and even playing games in general. The reason why that is true, and why it was inevitable, can be understood by taking note of the following points.

The Convenience Factor Once Again Comes Out on Top

Earlier, it was not much of a competition between traditional casinos and online casinos, as the latter could be used from the player’s home or office, making them more accessible during various hours of the day or night. Now, however, technology has taken online casinos one step further, as the smartphone can be accessed from not just one’s home or office, but from quite literally, anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to an active internet connection.

Even in one’s home, a smartphone can be used while lying in bed, which laptops and desktops just cannot compete with!

The Universal Accessibility

In the UK, or in any other developed nation, a large number of people have access to computers somewhere in the house, but even more people have access to a smartphone with an active net connection. In almost any home, it is more likely that the total number of smartphones will outnumber the total number of computers.

Although smartphones are computers themselves, they are portable, can be used to make calls, and using one is a lot more intuitive and easier than using a computer. All of this gives the smartphone universal accessibility.

The logic is simple; everyone has a private smartphone, so they are more likely to play casino games on their private smartphones than on computers, which are often shared with friends and family members.

Making Deposits is Easier in a Phone Casino

Smartphone casinos are a lot easier to make deposits in, as they offer a whole range of payment options. For example, the MobileWins Casino allows players to make deposits and payments by simply adding the gambling expenses to their monthly phone bills. It instantly makes phone casino transactions safer and more convenient, as sharing credit card details is no longer necessary.

Aside from that, there’s also a whole range of e-wallets, vouchers, credit cards, debit cards, virtual cards, etc. supported on mobile casinos, that are usually not found on all desktop casino sites. As a matter of fact, since a lot of the same online casinos are nowadays available both on smartphones and computers, a casino will actually have more deposit options for its players on the app or mobile version.

Smartphones Have Become Extremely Powerful

Even compared to where smartphones were just two years ago in 2017, they have become so much more powerful. This matters, and works in favour of the phone casino industry, because players do not have to sacrifice on features or visual quality anymore, just because they are playing on a smartphone.

The fully-fledged gaming computers are still a lot more powerful than even the most cutting-edge smartphone of course, but in terms of the power which is required to play modern casino games, a high-end or flagship device has more than enough. If you can play PUBG on a smartphone, rest assured that your phone casino app will run without a hitch.

Wide Support from Top Online Casino Developers

In realisation of the facts that we already discussed, the entire casino industry is now trying to support and improve the phone casino experience in any possible way that they can. This has led to smartphone casino apps being developed by almost all major casino sites, which further enriches and enlarges the online casino community and business in general.

In order for anything to stay on top, it has to offer something unique and in-demand that the competition cannot, or does not. This is the basic rule for not just technology, but business in general, and even to a certain extent, life itself. Therefore, considering that smartphones are more accessible, usable, mobile, sufficiently powerful and convenient, when compared to desktop casinos, this is an evolutionary step for online casinos, which is only going to become more and more obvious with each passing year.


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