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Sports nutrition brand Myprotein release Europe’s first 6-Layer Protein Bar


Do you crave something sweet but also want a snack that is nutritious and not packed with sugar?

Whether you’re focusing on your health and fitness goals or simply want a delicious snack to keep you going during work or a long drive, this new protein bar is for you. The sports nutrition brand, Myprotein, have recently launched they’re ultimate nutritious protein bar to date – the 6-Layer Protein Bar.

Myprotein are known for producing some indulgent yet nutritious snacks typically high in, you guessed it, protein. Their bestselling Baked Protein Cookie has recently been joined by vegan-friendly protein bars like their Vegan Protein Bar and Vegan Carb Crusher, ensuring they have a snack to suit every dietary need. Their latest 6-Layer Protein Bar however, is the first 6-layer, high-protein and low-sugar bar in Europe and Myprotein haven’t held back when it comes to flavour choices. As the name suggests, each bar has 6 layers of different textures and flavours making it a sensory enjoyment to sink the teeth into. The bar is available in four indulgent flavours; Cookies & Cream, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Sundae, and Lemon Meringue.

What exactly makes these dessert-themed snacks so nutritious? The sports nutrition company have carefully formulated the bars to make sure you can curb those sweet cravings without jeopardising your health and fitness goals. Each 6-Layer Bar is packed with 21g of protein and are high in fibre, however are low in sugar and saturated fats, making them an ideal substitute for a standard sugary chocolate bar. High protein snacks such as protein bars are often used in sports performance to increase daily protein intake, as protein is recognised as being the building blocks of muscle.

Some protein bars, such as the 6-Layer Protein Bar, are also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals which make them a convenient way to ensure you’re meeting your daily requirements. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B12, folic acid, and calcium are important for your body to work properly.

How can protein bars help you work towards your health or fitness goals? One of the most obvious uses of protein bars is to support your fitness regime either before or after a workout. The high protein levels make it easy to increase daily protein intake, especially if you follow a vegan diet or are looking to reduce the amount of meat you eat. If gym fitness isn’t for you, you can use high protein snacks during a long hike or expedition for when the energy levels might be flagging.

If you are guilty of giving in to the frequent birthday cakes and muffins offered round in the office, then a protein bar can be an ideal substitute with a cup of tea or when lunch is still too far away. Alternatively, why not keep one in your glovebox for traffic jam emergencies or breakdowns? nourishing snack to add to your cupboard essentials

The 6-Layer Protein Bar can be bought on Myprotein as a £1.99 sample or in boxes of 12 bars at £23.99.



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