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Top gambling cities in the UK


Whether it is betting on the weekend’s football or playing slots online, Brits love the thrill of gambling and are frequent visitors of both real-world and online casinos.

But what are the most popular cities for gamblers to hail from? This article will endeavour to explain what are the top gambling cities in the UK, so you know exactly where you would fit in best as a gambler in the UK and where you will find an abundance of gambling options.


Stoke-On-Trent has a population of just over 250,000 making it is just the 64th largest city in the country and is not known for a lot of things, except maybe for pottery. So why is it included on our list? Well, for the simple reason it has birthed one of the biggest casino sites in the world, Bet365. Founded in the year 2000 by born and bred Stoke folk, The Coates family, Bet365 may have branched out to other locations across the world, but Stoke remains at the company’s core and vice versa. The headquarters still remain in Stoke and their presence is felt across the city. Whether that be on the Stoke City football team’s kits or present in the economy by funding local employment, Stoke and betting very much go hand in hand.


The 3rd largest city in the UK, Leeds, is a popular haunt for gamblers. There are 17 different casinos on offer to their residents, including two franchises of the well-known Grosvenor Casinos brand. With more that 10000+ slots machine across the city. Land-based casino game offering stay strong and solid despite the growing competition on online gambling sites that offer an increasing variety of online slots and games. Despite this Leeds could deal with today online gambling offer quite easily, with that number of games on offer.

What Leeds is best known for casino-wise is the Victoria Gate Casino. Dubbed “The North’s Super Casino”, it provides more than just a conventional casino experience, but a full-blown night out. As well as hosting poker tournaments and live sports events on 41 huge screens, they also host different events to their guest and fine-dining service. As such, it is a perfect location for gambling whether you are an avid player or are just looking for one night of betting action. Elsewhere in the city, you will find plenty more betting to enjoy too, with bookies, bingo and a very popular football team.


Due to it being the capital and it having the largest area and population by far, it is perhaps no surprise that London is the number one spot on the list. Within the parameters of the city, you will find a total of 29 casinos which hold nearly 700 different slots and over 350 table games. Clearly, this means there is a huge amount of variety in the city that is only matched by online casinos. These casinos include some world renown bricks and mortar casinos such as the original Grosvenor Casino and the Hippodrome casino, which have since migrated online. While those who are looking for sport betting are spoilt for choice too. Four major premier league teams are based in the city, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Crystal Palace. While there are major racecourses, Kempton Park and Sandown, on its parameters Not to mention countless bookies and bingo halls to boot. Overall, it is definitely the mecca for betting in England.

As such, if you are looking for a gambling getaway, these are the places for you to head to!


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