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Why do people adore escape rooms?


Escape rooms have become a great type of entertainment. It is worth saying that not only young people love it.

Older people are also fans of escape games. It is, basically, a game where people have to solve a secret. The secret is hidden within one room, and players are given a specific time to complete the game. Escape rooms are said to be an emotional and physical experience.

The concept of an escape game was developed in 2003 in America. Today you will easily find escape rooms in all cities of the world. One and the same game provider usually offer various theme rooms. Many people go to escape rooms even when traveling abroad. When visiting London, numerous tourists book https://komnata.co.uk/london/, which offers the best escape rooms in London.

What is special about escape rooms?

  • Escape games involve from 4 to 6 people. Solving a puzzling task requires cooperation. It is a great way to learn how to work together. Going to escape game can help you improve relations with parents, friends, or colleagues. You become joint by a common goal – solving a mystery.
  • It boosts creativity. The room takes you to a different dimension, where you have to solve a secret. You are given clues but the rest is your creativity. Being smart is not always enough to go out of the room as a winner. Logic is not always the strongest weapon.
  • You discover new talents. Psychologists say that stressful circumstances might boost new abilities. An escape room is not a stressful experience but it might stimulate new talents or skills.
  • Those, who were dreaming of becoming an actor, can take the role of the main character. Players select a theme they like most. Some of the rooms are based on well-known movie scripts – Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Frankenstein, etc. Some rooms even suggest dressing like particular characters. It creates a certain atmosphere.
  • Players cannot find a solution on the internet, which makes it even more intriguing. Use a chance to get out of phones into an adventurous world. In fact, players are prohibited from using any devices.
  • An escape room is a great alternative to traditional types of entertainment like going to a cinema or a pub. It is active, challenging and interactive. It is not like watching an adventure movie. You actually become a part of the adventure.
  • It helps people overcome communication barriers. Finding the key in an escape room requires teamwork. It means good cooperation and communication. It is impossible to function on your own. First, you are locked in one room. Second, you have a common goal.
  • It is a great pastime. Escape games are proven to be really fun for young people and adults. You spend time more efficiently with your friends and family and discover new things about each other.

Have you been in an escape room? If not, find an interesting one and get a team of players. This will be a great time!


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