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History of UK Online Casinos


History of UK Online Casinos

Meta Description: When did the UK online casinos start? Read more about the history of online casinos in the UK.

Our forefathers have been gambling to risk their money and expecting something in return. This activity continues today. With modern technology, anyone can easily gamble at the comfort of his/her home. Thanks to the UK online casinos, you do not have to drive miles away just to visit a casino or a betting shop.

Online casinos have become a vital part of the gambler’s life in the UK. Gambling and humankind are somehow intertwined. They are linked together via an unbreakable bond. Despite the strong link, online casinos are offering the latest no deposit casino bonuses to attract more customers to sign and deposit money to their accounts.

These bonuses will allow you to make your gambling as a pastime with no risk. After all, you do not deposit anything to your account. You can play for real money until you have consumed all the bonuses.

The interest in online casinos is fueled by the innovations that emerged in the industry to provide customers the best platform for Internet gambling. The arrival of the Internet in the UK completely brought a new way for people to gamble. It is also one of the reasons the UK Gambling Commission started the Gambling Act of 2005.

Evolution of UK Online Casinos

It all began in 1994. The birth of Internet casinos in the UK caused a shift from a land-based casino to the virtual world. But the move started within the Caribbean. When the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was signed, it boosted the presence of online casino activities in the UK.

After the development of the Act, William Hill introduced its first online casino in the United Kingdom. From there, the online casino trend was increasing. People expected that it would overtake the existence of land-based casinos. And they are right.

The UK was not the first to adapt to online casinos. Despite it being late in the bandwagon, most innovations are seen in the UK online casinos.

When Microgaming launched the first Internet casino in 1994, viewership was quite low. But it was expected as gamblers were still testing the waters and adapting to it.

After that launch, Cryptologic company began to entice casino enthusiasts by offering them a transactional system. There were plenty of opportunities available and they gained a lot from the system.

The start of the 21st century signaled the spread of the Internet. It was disseminated across the world at an increasing rate. People were having Internet connections from their homes. This alone presented new opportunities for those who want to gamble.

At an increasing pace, the transition from the real world to the virtual world was a significant move that the UK online casinos grabbed. They realized that the Internet would stay for good. And that piqued the interest of investors causing a major boost of the online casinos in the 2000s.

The start of 2000 was also the beginning of many online casinos opening. Because of that, there was tight competition in the industry. Many operators try to become the best in the field.

With the competition, many casinos offer huge bonuses to new customers. They also started to introduce loyalty programs for their existing customers.

The software used to operate an online casino is updated regularly to adapt to modern technology. Developers add features frequently to attract more clients.

To boost the popularity and growth of UK online casinos, developers started to include themed slots, progressive jackpots, and multiplayer casino games, among others. Unfortunately, not all gamblers in the UK are hooked on this thing. They still believe that online games could not provide fair results as they are manipulated in some way.

The increasing popularity of online casino allowed live casino gaming to emerge in the scene. As the technology developed, regular online casino was insufficient causing online casinos in the UK to offer something different.

And they developed a live dealer. In here, a human being would deal, pay and communicate with the player live.

The first live casino had one dealer and one game. It also had one table. The sole game was blackjack. As you look at the list of live casino games today, you will be bombarded with its number.

The list will now include live roulette, live baccarat, and others. Some UK online casinos offer a side game to prevent players from getting bored while they wait for the launch of a live game.

From there, live casino gaming is now available 24/7. They are now a commonplace over the Internet. Most players now would like to deal in real time and face a live dealer, rather than facing a graphic dealer.

Sports Betting Online

Live casino game was not the only game you can take part in. Besides slots and live baccarat and other casino games, you can also engage in sports betting online.

It was in 1996 that the first online sports betting started. Betting on sporting events online became a thing in the UK and it has spread all around the world.

A variety of new companies formed to provide online sports betting. Those existing bookmakers started to open up their web-based betting operations.

Online sports betting was also competitive, thereby, forcing betting sites to offer free bonuses and bets to new customers. As sites wanted to stand out, they introduced different promotions.

In 2000, Betfair opened a new betting site where customers can place their bets between themselves. The site did not take wagers from customers.

This process is known as peer to peer betting. It immediately became popular and it remains prevalent today. Most online casinos in the UK integrate online sports betting in their system to further attract more customers.

Live betting allowed punters to place their bets on a sporting event while it was happening. You can bet a variety of sporting events as you watch the action.

As the popularity of smartphone and tablet emerged, mobile online casinos became a thing. Most online casinos have their own mobile version. With mobile versions, punters can place their bets through their mobile device, like a phone or a tablet.

Placing bets online has become easy and convenient. It has several benefits over the traditional way of betting. Although the traditional form of casino and betting will not disappear, online casinos and live betting will become the norm.

Overall UK Casino Industry

Gambling is a part of the daily routine of many UK adults. Thus, it is no wonder that many of them are hooked on online casinos. The total number of adults who tried online gambling continues to increase.

Active participation in online slots has increased in 2015. And it continues to increase at a rapid rate.

Then, cash in online casinos is also rising. In 2014, an estimated 366 million pounds have been won through online casinos.

With such a number, no one cannot deny the popularity of online casinos. They have revolutionized how people gamble.

One of the huge advantages of online casinos is that they have a lot of rooms for innovation. Slot innovation is very common.

Developers provide new features regularly to attract more gamblers. With the latest technology, online casinos do not have to worry about storage space, unlike the land-based casinos where they need to tackle space constraints.

Then, the number of games is immense. All casino players can access and play them.

Despite the transition and success of online casinos, land-based establishments remain popular. The boom in online casinos is the result of the Gambling Act.

However, to protect consumers from some deceitful online casinos, the UK Gambling Commission has implemented several stringent policies.

For instance, online casinos must verify the age of their customers by requiring them to submit an identification, like a driver’s license or any government-issued ID. Doing so will prevent underage gambling.

To further its campaign against underage gambling, online casinos are now required to request IDs from their customers and will not allow them to play and fund their accounts until they have been verified to be of legal age.

UK online casinos are also obligated to ask their customers to submit all identification forms before they can deposit money to their accounts. In that way, they no longer have to submit additional documents when they have to withdraw their winnings.

Internet gambling is legal in the United Kingdom. However, you need to be at least 18 years old to participate in this form of activity.

All online casinos that cater to UK players must obtain a license from the Gambling Commission. If you are looking for a reliable online casino in the UK that offers best casino bonuses no deposit, you need to search an online casino with UKGC license.

Without it, there is no way to determine whether or not the site is legal or reliable. Who knows, the site will just take your money and you cannot withdraw your winnings.

When an online casino in the UK holds a license from UKGC, it means that it adheres to its stringent policies for fairer and safer gambling online.



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