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5 Business Services that You Will Need


There are certain services that are indispensable to businesses. If you intend to start your own business, you will also need them.

And in most cases, you can choose to hire a service provider, outsource the service, or handle it yourself. If you already have your business, chances are that you’re already handling some of the services yourself. This article discusses some of them.

Well, you may be able to handle some of the services when your business is still small but when it expands to a certain extent, you may not be able to handle them anymore. This makes it important to include such services in your business plan.

Here are some 5 business services that you will need.

Writing services

For your business, you will need a lot of writing services. You will need to write a lot of business proposals to potential partners, creditors, and investors. If you have to employ staff, you will need to write out the rules and regulations based on your company’s policy, procedures, and protocol. You may also find yourself in need of an essay service for your online content (for digital marketing) and other pieces such as press releases. Remember, most of the content on your website need to be updated regularly for a higher search engine ranking. You may initially handle it yourself but with time, you may no longer have the time since your responsibilities will increase as your business expands.

Accounting services

Without an accounting degree, you may be able to do this yourself when your business is still small but when you begin to have partners and your business begins to grow, you will either hire an in-house accountant or outsource your accounting services to a third party accounting company. In fact, you need a reputable accounting firm to handle your books for credibility reasons. These days, the responsibilities of accountants have increased tremendously. Accounting service no longer ends on balance sheets and income statements. It now includes monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports.

Cleaning services

This service may sound unimportant at first but think of it. None of your employees will be able to work in an unhygienic environment. If any of your employees develop any medical condition because of unhygienic office premises, you may be held liable. The good news is that there are numerous cleaning service providers on on-demand platforms. So, you don’t have to hire an in-house cleaning service team.

IT Services

This is the information age and companies are automating virtually all their business processes for speed, accuracy, and improved turnaround time. Whatever your business is, chances are high that most of your competitors have already automated their business processes and they already have competitive advantages over you. And if you are not into IT, you can’t handle the services. You need to either outsource the task or employ an in-house IT officer.

Legal services

This is one of the most important business services but a lot of small and medium businesses do not take it seriously until they face litigation. As an entrepreneur, you may be sued by your customers or a disgruntled employee. That is why it is necessary to partner with a legal practitioner or hire an in-house lawyer who will scrutinize your business process and plug all legal loopholes that customers may cash in on. It is needless to remind you that one lawsuit could get your business grounded.

As you expand or diversify, you may also need other business services but the five mentioned above are the most important ones. You need to make provisions for them as they are indispensable to every business.



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