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The reason for the great popularity of sports betting


Gambling is very popular. In 2017, the fortune-based industry generated more than 35 billion euros.

The major part of the income comes from casinos and gambling halls, they make about 20 billion euros every year.

The game of luck on the Internet has now established itself in second place with 5 billion. Although sports betting and gambling are different parts of the market, they are jointly regulated and aggregated by the Gaming Act. These sums really amaze everyone. Especially because gambling is known to be a very risky business where the chances of winning are very minimal. The best example is Lotto. Millions of people regularly take part, but the jackpot is very rarely won. Nevertheless, the customer numbers of online betting providers are rising, even faster than the number of new customers at online casinos and real gaming halls. The reasons why sports betting is safer than other types of gambling is also the reason why they are so popular. These are explained below.

The small but subtle difference between gambling and sports betting

If you deal with both areas for a while, the difference quickly becomes apparent. You can even try it out at home. You play a round of poker with friends and try to prepare for the game. This might work by wearing comfortable clothes and putting on sunglasses. However, you cannot directly influence the outcome of the game. It is not possible to predict which cards the opponents will have in their hand or which card will be revealed next. But if you sit down with friends and watch a game together, you can already determine the outcome of the game after a short research. This works by reading the latest news about sports, hearing expert opinions about the teams and evaluating the tables and statistics. Then the decisive difference between the two types of gambling as well as the reason for the popularity of sports betting becomes clear. You can prepare for them. This preparation minimizes the risk and improves the prospects for profits. Thus one is able to create a leisure activity with safe sport bets, with which one can earn even a little.

Sport is a hobby – sports betting as well

The additional income and the opportunity to prepare for sports betting through information and research are not the only reasons for the popularity. Of course, these are not all football fans, but fans of golf, racing sports such as Formula 1, NASCAR and motorcycle racing or other ball sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball or tennis. There are numerous sports and on average the betting providers offer about forty different sports on the Internet. In addition, there are the respective countries within and outside Europe as well as the individual leagues. For example, you can place sports bets on the matches of the regional football league, which even have better odds than the first league. So literally there is something for everyone and everyone can bet on the sport, country and league that they themselves like best. Sports betting thus offers the basis for using one’s own knowledge and interest in sport profitably and proving it against others. 

The numerous tips and tricks of the betting pros

This means that two further reasons for the great popularity of sports betting are now known. One can either quickly acquire the knowledge about sport or one has the most important information in one’s head because one follows a sport oneself with great interest. The knowledge can then be turned into money, even if the smaller amounts will be and will not finance the villa on Mallorca. The bet is safe, because you can prepare for the bets specifically. Another reason for the popularity is that the beginning is made very easy. On the pages of the bookmakers you can find a lot of advice from experienced players. In addition, there are endless blogs, forums and platforms on the Internet with almost endless topics on which betting professionals reveal and explain the most important tips and tricks. Thanks to the wealth of information on strategies, you can quickly find out for yourself how to identify risky bets or balance them out with secure betting options. Furthermore, tips are given which league currently has particularly high odds on even secure betting options. Through your own knowledge of sports and the know-how of how to place bets correctly, you are able to place safe sports bets.

Sports betting always and everywhere – a new way to pass the time

Since sports betting is in principle a matter of practice and you can find many helpful tips and tricks on the Internet, it has become an interesting and profitable hobby. A further aspect why more and more people register with a betting provider is that you can always and everywhere participate in sports betting. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that time can be used more sensibly via mobile phone or tablet in the suburban train, bus, taxi or other waiting times. On the other hand, sporting events take place all the time. Friday to Monday there are the football leagues during the week the Champions League or UEFA CUP. In addition, due to the time difference, there is always a sporting event somewhere where you can place bets. Including live betting. However, when it comes to betting on the go as well as live betting, it is worth mentioning that you can quickly become careless, as you often do not invest the necessary time and effort in the research or can invest.

The extensive advertising of the betting providers

The great demand and interest have led to the fact that many suppliers have now established themselves on the market. In the meantime, the bookmakers are attracting attention on television, radio and posters in the city, public places and means of transport. The enormous number of providers can be overwhelming and can also lead to uncertainty, as one does not know which provider is really serious and safe. Therefore, a visit to comparison portals like Openodds is highly recommended. You can find tips for successful betting as well as only licensed providers. This means that the bookmakers are certified by the state and their offer is absolutely legal. In addition, the betting providers are clearly displayed at a glance with the certificates and seals of approval received as well as the most important details – bonus, rewards and customer service.




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