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What is CBD Oil?


Today, Cannabidiol (CBD) became the hottest commodity in the high-street shops.

CBD is subject to various controversies in terms of dangers and legal status, how to choose CBD Oil , what strains to buy, how to use it and etc.

However, the availability of CBD in recent times has diverted the attention more towards positive aspects. For readers, it is important to understand CBD as a commodity followed by integrated risks in the consumption subsequently.

Cannabis and CBD – Any Differences?

CBD and Cannabis are two different commodities. Cannabis, prominently recognized as marijuana, is a drug used for curing depression. Scientifically, Cannabis is an herb with a capability of slowing down the central nervous system in an individual. Cannabis delays the message or interaction between brain and body once consumed by someone, causing an immediate hallucination.

On the contrary, CBD is one of the chemical compounds found in Cannabis herb. The compound is naturally arising constituent extracted by experts using hemp seed or coconut oil, which produces CBD oil (Chamberlain, 2018). The influence of CBD oil on human sensations is similar to Cannabis. However, the benefits of CBD oil differentiate the commodity from Cannabis evidently. Regardless the argument related to health advantages and risks, it is affirmed that CBD and Cannabis are entirely different substances.

Is it Legal?

The legal status of CBD oil is still a controversial subject in the United States of America (USA). Recently, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) declared CBD oil as a “Schedule 5 Drug”, denoting the least potential for addiction and abuse by an individual. Since CBD oil is widely accepted by institutions for medical research and usage, it holds a legal acceptability in states under federal legislations. Currently, states like Alaska, California, Michigan, and Washington have legalized the consumption of Cannabis. The specified states permitted Cannabis for cultivation, processing and commercialization in order to promote medical research. Subsequently, the legalization of Cannabis in specified states makes CBD oil legitimate for trading and consumption. However, the product is still unacceptable in various regions, having minimal involvement in medical recreations.

How to Take CBD Oil?

Primarily, consumer can buy CBD oil in the form of tincture. It allows an individual to apply few drops beneath the tongue and hold the mouth for few moments before swallowing with alcohol. Non-alcoholic consumers are allowed to use CBD oil by dissolving into water or smoothies. Other forms of CBD oil usage include capsules, creams and sprays, which are devised for topical purposes to treat various skin-related diseases. However, medical practitioners suggest that individuals should begin the use of CBD oil at lowest. If the lowest dosage is ineffective to cure a disease, the patient could increase the quantity at a gradual pace. However, a consultation with doctor is preferable for avoiding post-consumption harms or side effects arising due to heavy dosage of CBD oil. Again, CBD oil is one of the components of Cannabis. Abusing the commodity through heavy doses could harm a person physically and mentally.

Benefits of CBD Oil

The CBD oil is a healthy medicine for treating various diseases, which influence the human functionality physically and mentally. The Cannabis oil is good for treating social anxiety disorder (SAD), which is commonly found among people. The Cannabis oil soothes blood circulation immediately after consumption, resulting in calmed muscular and brain functions. The soothing process assists in curing SAD among individuals more effectively.

Further, Cannabis oil treatment is prominently used as pain relief among individuals. The process is tested on both animals and humans, providing positive results. The Cannabis oil has an ability of controlling pain-causing effects, such as inflammation in muscles and disturbances in neurotransmitters. The penetration of oil through topical processes controls the blood circulation immediately, serving the purpose of anti-aching medicine. Usually, patients suffering from arthritis use Cannabis oil immensely as a reliable treatment for managing muscular pain.

The CBD oil is also recommended for treating skin-related diseases, particularly acne. The properties of controlling inflammations reduce clogged hair follicles, a primary cause of acne on skins. Besides, CBD oil is successfully tested for preventing skin from overactive oil, which is naturally produced due to sweat and pollution. The prevention of such root causes cures acne-related problems among people at a massive scale.

Any Hidden Risks?

While CBD oil is appreciated for curing multiple diseases and emotional disorders, the healthcare risks concerns the medicinal experts with equal tendency. Arguably, CBD oil effects individual from both physical and emotional perspectives, particularly if the consumption is mismanaged. CBD oil brings remarkable changes in mood. Since CBD oil is formulated to calm muscles and blood circulations in the body, it is likely that an individual might become lethargic and sedative for extensive period. In such cases, it is possible to expect adverse shifts in moods once the effect of CBD oil has ended.

Moreover, the CBD oil causes disruptions in physical aspects simultaneously. Individuals consuming CDB oil through oral means more likely to suffer from diarrhea, dryness in mouth, and nausea. The deliberate alterations in physical functions caused by CDB oil would bring adverse transformations in appetite and could trigger anxiety in long-run as a collective outcome. Hence, it is important that individuals inclined for using CDB oil should consult a medical practitioner and follow the expert advice strictly for avoiding potential side effects, physically and psychologically. CDB oil is not suitable for self-medication among individuals. Adherence to prescribed dosages is mandatory for mitigating the chances of possible side effects in the physical and cognitive functions of a body significantly.


CBD oil became a high-street product in recent times. Individuals suffering from physical and psychological disorders are consuming CBD oil, particularly in regions with legal affirmations, at a broader scale. Undoubtedly, the benefits of CBD oil in curing various internal and external diseases of a person are unmatchable. However, the product has noticeable side effects, which could cause serious disturbances in body functions in latter stages. Hence, individuals should seek expert advices of medical practitioners before determining dosages of CBD oil in order to avoid chronic illness and damaged neurotransmitter functions in brain evidently.


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