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Different Types of Discount Coupon Codes You Need to Know


Whenever you come across the words “coupons” and “voucher codes,” the first thing that comes to your mind is free gifts or discount offers.

Honestly, everyone is excited about getting additional discounts on online purchases. Some of the premium promo coupons like PlusVoucherCode’s Exclusive Amazon Coupons provide a variety of discount offers that will leave you wondering which offer to go for. Here is a guide that will help understand the different types of discount coupon codes to allow you to get better discount offers on online shopping websites:

1) Complimentary coupons

These coupons provide complimentary offers on every purchase. If you are buying a mobile phone, you may get a complimentary earphone or a back-cover, and so on. The reason why they are known as complimentary coupons is that you don’t have to pay a penny for the product or service that you are getting for free. You will often notice that while buying movie tickets online, you get complimentary popcorn coupons.

2) Presale coupons

If a company is trying to launch a new product and wants the customers to grab the opportunity to buy them instantly, you can expect to get presale coupon offers. This will give early access to the product that you have been dearly waiting for. The companies also provide extra discounts to early-birds who register to buy the product as soon as they are launched.

3) Automatic coupons

These coupon codes get activated automatically when you reach a designated shopping cost. Many stores declare an additional 10% or 5% discounts to customers who purchase products worth $100 or more. You will not have to enter any coupon code or discount code while on the payment page. The deducted amount will reflect on the payment gateway as soon as you cross the amount on which the discount has been declared.

4) Discount coupons

These are general discount coupons that are typically mailed to the customers by the specific website. It can cover a range of offers starting from buy-one-get-one-free, get 20% discount on the first purchase and further 50% discount on the second purchase, flat 20% discount, and so on. Depending on the sale period, you can make the most of these discounts. Most people buy Christmas gifts for everyone when they get seasonal discounts. This is the period when popular coupon vouchers help to save a lot more by offering additional discounts.

5) Reserve coupons

As the name suggests, you will be able to reserve seats or a table with these coupons. These are generally applicable when you book tables at a restaurant from their official website. You can also avail these offers while booking movie tickets from the respective online booking platform.

With so many discounts offer and coupon codes around, it is quite difficult to understand which one will be more beneficial for your purchase. But it’s all about equipping yourself with the necessary information to keep the most money in your pocket. Keep in mind the above coupon definitions in mind while comparing the discount offers because they will help you save a lot on every purchase you make.


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