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How to Avoid a WhatsApp Ban


When it comes to social media applications, WhatsApp is among the best that there is.

Currently, the application has approximately 1.3 billion users. However, despite this fact, some users get banned from this platform daily. That is why today we are taking a look at a few things that can get you banned form WhatsApp. That means if you are doing any of the things that are mentioned below, you had better stop before you too get banned.

Things that can get you Banned from WhatsApp

Obscene, illegal defamatory or threatening messages

As much as we know that the chat is between you and your friends, sending an illegal message can get you banned from the platform. Furthermore, sending threatening messages can likewise get you a kicked out off the platform. Therefore, if you want to enjoy your messages in peace avoid any such content in your messages. Even doing this with customer service at sports betting can lead you to be banned from the casino. Therefore it would advise that you avoid such if you want to enjoy the real money rewards that come with sports betting.

Fake Accounts

No matter where you in the world, anything fake can get you into trouble. That is why it is no shock that creating a fake account for someone on WhatsApp can lead you to be banned. Furthermore, impersonating someone else on the platform can get you exiled from the platform.

Too Many Messages

If you send too many messages to someone who is not on contacts list, the administrators of the application will assume that you are a spammer. That will then result in them removing you from the application.

Sending Malware

Then there are those who are daring who will try to send viruses via WhatsApp. This is common among online sportsbooks gamblers. There are hackers who are always looking for opportunities to make easy money through online gamblers. We are very pleased to say that such an action will result in your being immediately kicked out of the WhatsApp user base.



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