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The Greek Quality Never Goes Out of Style


The Chief Operation Officer, Ian Gosling from Regency Entertainment Operators of Regency Casino Mont Parnes and Regency Casino Thessaloniki talks about the popularity and tourism attraction of the Greek casino.

The Hellinikon Integrated Resort Casino, in shorter words IRC will be a new casino that Greece will welcome as an tourism attraction. It will be built on more than 600.000 square meters of the former Airport from Athens. The IRC will include a mix of hotels, convention centers, exhibition facilities, themes attractions, entertainment, a 15.000 square meters casino, shops, gourmet restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

Ian Gosling, COO of Regency Entertainment mentioned that the company is watching with great interest for the release of the new casino. He believes that without a doubt it will be a major development for Athens and Greece, and the company wishes that every process of it will be an accomplishment. As a company, they welcome the international respected operator into the Greek casino market. They are confident that their high level of integrity will be shared.

The magnitude of the development is a little daunting, because the resort will be built on a site that is three time the size of Central Park.

The Legacy of Regency Entertainment

Regency Entertainment is known for decades in Greece, an international operator like the Hellenic Gaming Commission (HGC) wouldn’t give its serious consideration to any other casino operator. Regency Entertainment has proven its accomplishments and commitment to Greece and the Greek economy over the years.

Today, Regency Entertainment is very well positioned in Greece, with facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki. A recent permit has allowed one of the facilities from Athens, Mont Parnes Casino to move towards the center of the city, to be on a more urban site within the city. This opportunity allows Regency Entertainment to establish a real casino for the locals. The location is one of the most important attributes for a casino.

After the Greek laws changed in favor of casinos in April 2018, in Thessaloniki facility, it was an increase of customers, more than 100.000 in 2018, same in Athens, with more than 25.000 customers.

In Northern Greece, the introduction of video gaming machines and online casino made the land-based casinos to seek help. The changing of the laws had a positive effect with more customers coming to visit the casino.

Regency Casino Mont Parnes and Thessaloniki Range of Games

Regency Casino have a very wide range of machines. The company believes that one manufacturer can’t excel in all areas, they all have their strength and weaknesses. Video slots are the most prominent, most of them are linked to multi-level progression. Together with poker and stand-alone roulette machines, the visitors flow is loyal. The two Regency Casino’s from Athens and Thessaloniki don’t follow the same trends, the one from Athens have a larger number of video slots.

The real competition, is the one from the Northern Greece. They determine the number of video slots that are needed at the land-based casinos. The competition also helps to determine the mix of games and the optimum operating percentage. Their customers also determine their replacement cycle. When the customer is becoming uninterested with their games or machines, the casino will change them. For example, the casino still operate 10 year old machines, because that’s what the player wants.

The other range of games that both of the facilities have are table games, American Roulette and European Wheel. With the current regulations, the four core permitted games are Texas Hold’em Poker, Blackjack, American Roulette and Caribbean Stud Poker.

The facilities has also shared their market with the online casino companies for over 10 years and last year, for the first time, the online GGR was above the land-based industry. In comparison with other Greek casinos, both Regency Casino Mont Parnes and Regency Casino Thessaloniki their position is of a market leader. Their brand is strong because it has been built during the good and bad times of the Greek economy. To be the premier operator also means achieving responsible duties like compensating the employees or add foreign and local suppliers and so on. Because of achieving the responsible duties Regency is the shinning star of Greek casinos.

The Customers of Regency Facilities

The business is local so the company sees little tourist actions. Ian Gosling, the COO of Regency Entertainment believes that the gambling tourism doesn’t really exist in Europe, so they concentrate more on the locals. Occasionally in Athens they see some foreign businessmen that visit the casino. However, Thessaloniki has more foreign visitors because of it’s hotel. They get visitors from Cyprus, Albania, Italy and Lebanon.

Regency Casino Thessaloniki has a sister hotel, Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki and in its property there are a number of facilities that include conference centre, meeting rooms and banquet suites. Unfortunately, the Regency facility from Athens lack this type of infrastructure, but it is something they will include in the future at the relocated property.

The Entertainment of Regency Casino’s

In Thessaloniki, Regency has a first-class theatre and the attendance is positive during the night shows. Both casinos offer live performances and in many occasions they do a mega draw or something else similar. Regency tries to strive of diverse shows which can keep the visitor interested. When the Regency Casino Mont Parnes will relocate, the complex will include a wider range of entertaining venues, specially tailored for their visitors.


In the last words, Regency is a company that can bring opportunity. There has been a lot of changes in the last four decades in the industry, One of them is to be able to work with women where the female team members bring refreshment and innovation. Something that the company really enjoys the interaction with them.






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