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Bitcoin and Altcoins Continue to Rule the Market at Year End


The crypto market has gone through massive ups and downs in 2018. Compared to 2017 that experienced an unexpectedly high market cap, 2018 has not been even close what the market achieved in the previous year.

Although there were signs at the start of the year that the market would continue to rule that has not happened. The market started to collapse towards the middle of 2018 and it has not revived to its original position ever since. However, according to the experts, there is nothing to worry about for the investors right now. Bitcoin and altcoins have remained in solid positions even with the market going down. During the closing phase of the year, there are bullish waves that have sent Bitcoin to as low as $3700, but positive signs begin to show that the crypto market will finish the year off strong.

The positive trend of Bitcoins

Bitcoin has never really failed the investors till now. Even at a time when people are skeptical about investing in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has continued to provide a relatively stable market. Very recently, Bitcoin USD was able to get a bullish momentum and it managed to break both the $3900 and $3950 resistance levels in a single week. Yes, there is volatility that has gone through but that is common in every industry. Even the Bitcoin Loophole Review proves the fact that there are massive chances of Bitcoin to break the $4000 resistance level in the days to come.

In addition to Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum also managed to get a favorable market towards the end of the year. They were able to extend their upsides and there was a time when both traded more than $0.375 and $110 respectively. Amongst all the cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin, the ones that performed better than the others were Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash. It was surprising to see that both had gained over 40% during this turbulent period. Experts are of the opinion that the darkest part of 2018 is over and 2019 will give a fresh start to the crypto industry.

The rise of Ripple and Bitcoin Cash Prices

Bitcoin has outshone everyone ever since the inception of cryptocurrencies. There is no doubt that the big investors will make a fortune in the year to come. But the surprising news has been the rise of Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. These two have become the best performing currencies, climbing their way to the top 10 cryptocurrencies of 2018. It was exciting news when Bitcoin Cash rallied more than 50% and managed to break the $200 and $210 resistance levels in quick fashion. This came as a bolt in the blue for many because most investors, especially the smaller ones, did not expect the market to turn this way for them.

The price of Ripple hovered around a 2% gain and although it did not make headlines, it surely did not sink down. With the market being extremely volatile for small investors, it is time to see how Bitcoin SV reacts in 2019 because the market has been pretty good for this currency in 2018.


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