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Asian Handicap betting explained


ASIAN Handicap betting markets are ideal for football traders looking for an alternative to the more traditional 1X2.

The Asian Handicap betting market can be seen difficult, but once you understand the concept, you will have a fresh perspective for football trading with an asian handicap betting guide.

In a football match there is a difference in perceived quality between the two opponents. The variance is determined by a number of factors

Traders and bookmakers understand these factors and represent each team’s chances of success with odds – their probability of winning the game.

Depending on the two teams’ perceived abilities; the difference can be major, leaving little value on the favourite, and minimal returns on standard 1X2 markets.

Asian Handicap betting markets counter the perceived bias in abilities, by levelling the playing field and removing the option of a draw – resulting in better odds.

This is done by applying a positive or negative goal handicap to each side depending on which team is seen as the favourite (negative) or underdog (positive).

Zero-ball bets
These are the easiest handicaps to recognise. In a zero-ball handicap, each team is equal, so the handicap is quoted as 0:0. In this case, you can back whichever of the two teams you think is most likely to win, and if the game is drawn, your stake will be reimbursed.

Is There Value In Asian Handicap Betting?
Asian Handicap betting has become one of the favorite markets for many professional supporters. This because there is so much value in Asian Handicap betting. The value comes from the lower edge the bookmakers take on this market as opposed to a classic 1X2 betting.

Furthermore, various statistics and other elements may help customers predict that a certain handicap was wrongly assigned.

In those cases when a customer does consider a handicap to be too low or too high, a bet will always be decent expected value as the odds are never set very low and are usually about even money. This makes Asian Handicap betting a profitable betting opportunity for many consumers.

Where can you Bet Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap betting is now existing with many major betting websites including UK bookmakers. While it may not show in the main screen of the bookie, selecting your match of choice and listing through the various markets presented will give you the option to bet Asian Handicap more often than you understood.

Most major bookmakers provide Asian Handicap markets for major football leagues such as the Premier League, Bundesliga, Champions League and Europa League. If you take a look some of the major bookmakers’ sites and discover how the Asian Handicap works in practice today!


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