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Important Information You Should Know About playing Mobile Casino Games


Have you ever wondered why thousands of customers prefer to play casino games on their mobile phones?

The gaming industry has evolved massively in the last 4 years and so have the customers.

The obvious answers as to why people are using their mobile devices is Ease of use and Accessibility not to mention convenience.

The other reason, is the ever increasing Jackpot prizes that are life changing for anyone that wins them.

While most people used to read newspapers on the train to work, now they are using their mobile phones. This additional leisure time can now be used in constructive and unconstructive ways by the general public. It is no surprise that people have progressed from playing their favourite casino games at home, to playing them on their mobile phone.

The Jackpot prizes with some slot games runs into the ££ Millions, especially with the progressive jackpot games. Games such as Mega Moolah, Wolf Run, Cleopatra and Siberian Storm offer these large jackpots. One such provider of these mobile casino games is Casino Football, at present they provide over 20 of these Jackpot games.

One thing you should know is that you MUST have a good connection speed.

Obviously the Internet speed is a crucial element, this has seen a huge increase in spend by the Internet Service Providers. The mobile network technologies, namely 4G, 4G LTE, 3G and 3G HSPA are the key ingredients for mobile connectivity. Playing casino games requires a fast and reliable mobile signal, with 4G around 20 times faster than 3G, this is the preferred connection type.

It has been reported that in a special testing environment 4G can reach up to 300MBPS. This highlights the future speeds, once the infrastructure that supports this has been upgraded by providers.

Other factors that are equally important are the ability to play most mobile slot games for free or in demo mode. This is a nice additional add on to a casino’s portfolio as it allows players to understand how the games work.

Also the games themselves have developed hugely, with cross device and cross platform capabilities. This has been quite an advancement in technology, especially with the introduction of HTML5.

Playing mobile casino games in general along with using mobile applications is set to increase tenfold. As long as the internet speeds get faster and more reliable, the mobile industry will advance at lightening fast speed.

Finally as will all online gambling, it is highly recommended players only ever bet what they can afford. And that they play for Fun! Please see Gamble Aware for more details.


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