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Validating Virtual – How Virtual Offices Have Changes The Way Offices Work


As we move toward an Internet of Things existence, it is difficult to fathom that even as long as thirty years ago people functioned in such an efficient manner.

Standing in line at the copier, sending documents to be signed through courier, and even holding conference calls are outdated practices in comparison with today’s office, which is increasingly beginning to resemble fine-tuned machine. Technology has definitely made an impact on the modern office.

Today’s office has so evolved that remote working has become a reality for more businesses and start-ups with a budget-friendly approach to office space. However, it has been the virtual office that has given remote offices more reach in this increasingly global community. Servcorp virtual offices and other office space providers have really made it possible to manage office space in places like London where rents are some of the highest in the world. More than bringing access to affordable office space to smaller business, the virtual office has impacted business in other ways.   

Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which the virtual office has changed the modern office.

Access To Impress

As of last year, London was ranked as one of the most expensive places to lease office space, sharing a similar ranking with New York and Hong Kong. Even rents in East London, an area perceived to be less affluent, are high. In the past, these high rents easily translated into shutting out businesses simply be the overhead was way too high. Today’s virtual office drastically eliminates waste by providing businesses with an all-inclusive way to access office space and IT support from a remote-working office.

For many businesses who use the virtual office, they have access to conference rooms and other meeting rooms for times when they have to meet with clients face-to-face. These meeting rooms are typically fit out with the latest technologies, including smart technologies that allow you to project images, play sound files, and use the internet. In essence, the plan allows you to use meeting room space on an as-needed basis, which prevents you from wasting money on space your business might not need.

More significantly, this office provides your business with access to prestigious locations, many times in London’s CBD. With an impressive office location and a dedicated phone number, you can make a professional impression on your clients. In no other way has the virtual office impacted modern business than providing access to smaller businesses.

Reaching Out To Others

The virtual office has contributed to making the world a smaller place in terms of business. Anyone in the world with a device and an internet connection can communicate with others who comprise the global online community. Through the internet connection, accessing populations who have similar interests and needs has made it possible for online businesses to flourish and created a marketplace of innovative ideas and invention.

Tools Of The Trade

Earlier versions of the virtual office are quite antiquated in comparison to today’s souped-up office. Online meeting apps, file sharing apps, accounting apps, and online signature apps are just a few of the technologies that have transformed the modern office, and let’s not mention the online management platforms that have made it possible to hire and staff an office in virtual space. In many ways, the virtual office and the technologies that support it have created whole offices online, reducing the need for brick-and-mortar space.

The Evolution Of Work

The virtual office has made work both convenient and efficient. By creating platforms that allow us to work from any platform, it makes work accessible regardless of the time of day which has, and in turn, made work possible for populations traditionally relegated to certain jobs because of time limitations. Finally, the efficiency that has come through the virtual office has made it possible for more work to be completed in less time.


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