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Which Are The Best Cryptocurrency Casino Options


Trying to keep up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news is impossible due to the level of information been released every single day.

It has made it difficult for consumers to know which is the best option due to so many new concepts launching. One of the industries that have been most affected by blockchain and smart contract development is the gambling industry. With many new ICOs that promise huge changes there is a lot to being excited about in 2018. In this article, I will talk about the things to look out for so that you can choose the best crypto casino options to play at.

Multi-Currency Option Casinos

The most popular cryptocurrency based casinos such as Bitstarz have incorporated multi-currency options. This has been a vital step forward as it now means there are no restrictions depending on the payment type you wish to gamble with. At present most of the top bitcoin casinos accept at least four other ALTcoins including “ethereum options“. It also means that players can now deposit in fiat and withdraw their winnings in crypto should they desire to cut out the transaction fees and speed up the process times.

Provably Fair Technology

One misleading conception that many gamblers have is that when a casino accepts Bitcoin it has the provably fair technology. This is not the case as most use RGN software to run their games and not the blockchain. If you want provably fair you need to check that all transactions are displayed on the game that you’re playing via the public ledger. This is true bitcoin gambling and will ensure you have a better chance of winning down to the reduced house edge thanks to this technology.

Gambling Initial Coin Offerings

You do not need to play slots machines or bet on sports to make a fortune in the gambling sector anymore as you can take part in an initial coin offering. This is an opportunity to invest in new blockchain and smart contract companies at the development stage which if successful will be like winning the world largest progressive jackpot. You are still gambling your money but this is the wise way to try to secure your financial future and with plenty of research you can make far more than you would play at online casinos.

Player Rewards

One of the new areas to look out for when choosing a cryptocurrency casino is the player rewards. Smart contract based casinos that offer their own ALTcoin are one of the best options. You may get a share of the profits when you hold the operators crypto along with the possibility of a huge increase in value should the platform become popular. You will not find massive promotions at crypto-based gambling sites due to all of the cost savings providing a superior house edge than has been possible before. With zero house edge platforms and more transparency this industry is growing at staggering rates and looks like it will become mainstream within the next decade.



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