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UK Players Cry Foul Over Impact of New Gambling Laws on No Deposit Free Spins


Online gambling has been gaining popularity over the past ten years as more and more players are logging on for a chance to win the big prize money.

But that could all change as new government regulations imposed may stifle millions of people from around the world’s much loved past time. The convenience of gambling from your own home may not be so convenient anymore as the government clamps down more and more each year and the outcome has upset many players from the UK and globally.

New Regulation Seems Like Over-Reach

New regulations on advertising for an online casino has the UK players up in arms. No deposit offers were all the rage. The new laws state that online casinos are no longer allowed to promote their games as having free spins. No deposit free spins give the player the opportunity to try the casino before depositing money. The crackdown on advertising online casinos has seen many players upset with the decision, especially as they feel they are no longer able to test the casinos before depositing.

The Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice and the Committee of Advertising Practice have imposed these new regulations to try put a stop to online casinos targeting vulnerable players. This law to protect these so-called “vulnerable players” has seen many of them crying foul over the impact of the new gaming laws.

The new laws imposed on the casinos are affecting the player’s ability to get free spins which allow players to play the online slot machines without spending their own money. This enables the players to not only test the casino to see if they like it, but also gives them the chance to win some money without spending theirs. The advertising laws state that online casinos are not allowed to advertise free spins although of the smaller ones still do. Casinos are forced to use different terms such as bonus spins.

UK players are not the only affected by new online gambling laws. The poker world has also been affected by new laws making it illegal to play online poker for money in Australia. The ban has seen many professional and recreational players resorting to alternative measures such as playing physically in a casino or online using a VPN.

The governing bodies have been slowly but surely tightening the belt on the online gambling community and the millions of users worldwide are not happy. The first major nation to be banned from online gambling was America. The players found loopholes around this by using third party payment processing companies and often having to wait long periods of time before receiving their hard earnt paycheck – if at all. Australian company Instabil was a payment processing company used by many players and many of the big-hitting poker companies until its demise in 2009, leaving many players penniless due to the company’s collapse. As more and more countries slowly tighten the belt on online gambling, this leaves the industry open to unscrupulous companies such as Instabil to swoop on the vulnerable people and take their hard earned money.

Nanny State Here We Come

Australia was recently hit with a curveball. Australia’s vibrant online poker and gaming community is no longer as the government recently imposed laws prohibiting them from enjoying this much loved past time. Australia is not the only country affected by online gambling industry bans. The list of countries continues to grow and includes France and Germany.

So Much for Freedom

So when does it end?  As the noose tightens on the gaming industry, players and companies are fighting back for their right to play and host online casinos. The big players in the online gambling community have been hit hard with the promise of hefty fines for advertising free spins and the players are also out of sorts with the ruling and are having trouble finding value for their money. Player Paul from the UK has been quoted in saying, “I like to test the casino first by using their free spins, so I don’t have to put down money to do this. Sometimes I even win on the free spins and any extra free something is welcome in my books”.

Jenny, a seventy-six-year-old retiree from Plymouth says, “I worked all my life to amass enough money to enjoy my retirement, and I love to play the online games. The free games give me the opportunity to win a little extra money with no outlay and it is also a great way to test the games. Problems gamblers will find a way to gamble no matter what. The majority of people that gamble do it for fun. So why should a small handful of problem gamblers affect my ability to have a bit of fun online? I have paid taxes all my life and lived by the rules and over my seventy-six years, I have seen many freedoms slip away. What’s next?”

The future of online casinos and gambling is an unpredictable one, with more and more regulations being forced upon the players and the casinos. What’s next to come?


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