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SXSW Gaming Awards: Measuring the Success of Innovative Practices in the Online Gaming Industry


Gaming companies from across the globe are all working towards achieving the top 100 positions in the upcoming SXSW Gaming Awards.

This is evident in the way each company is trying to outdo its competitors in regards to the production of high-quality games. Seeing that hundreds of companies apply to be chosen as finalists in this ceremony, it can be considered as an excellent award event.

The award ceremony is known for recognizing innovative game creators from all over the world. This is not a privilege preserved for home video games alone. Gambling sets are also permitted to participate in this event. Games like roulette that are well presented in regards to features can be used to elevate the status of a company during the ceremony. Such games are available in online wagering sites. However, players have to know the basic gaming rules that pertain to gambling.  Some of the common roulette strategies are available on http://onlineroulettewheel.co.nz/blog/simple-roulette-strategy/. A visit to this site will shed some light on the gaming methods available.

How to Apply for the Award

SXSW Gaming Awards was first heard of in 2014. At that time, not so many companies were aware of this program. Five years down the line, the event has gained momentum, and more members are joining the movement. In as much as the number of applicants is massive, the panelists in charge of selecting the overall winners of the event are keen when it comes to determining who has achieved most of the objectives required of them as an entertainment entity. To join this forum, a company has to make a formal application on the internet before a specified date. After the selected day passes, no more entries to the competition are accepted.

Once the selection period is over, a two-step disqualification process takes place. The registered participants are eliminated from the race of being finalists. The panelists disqualify members by points earned.  Those with the most points stay in the race while the rest are kicked out of the race. A few members of the board do this first step. The final list of gaming companies has to be a minimum of five in each category. Later on, other SXSW staffs, as well as members of the public, are then given a chance to pick the participants that they feel have attained the best level of creativity in the past year. The categories that are open to vie for the awards are:

  • Video games
  • Virtual gaming
  • Reality gaming
  • Mobile gaming and
  • Tabletop gaming.

Even though the public and other trustees are invited to vote for the best companies in the gaming section, only the private panelists will count the votes and keep the details of the winners. These will then be revealed during the last day of the festivals at the gala. Any member that is interested in joining the competition has to pay a specified amount of cash.

What Sets SXSW Apart

In a world that is filled with various awards aimed at recognizing the artistic efforts of content creators, it is necessary to have a platform that puts into the limelight gaming companies that are trying to push their way up into the realm of the bigwigs in the industry. It focuses mainly on appreciating the new and upcoming companies that are making their way into the gaming world. Even so, other categories of entertainers have an opportunity to walk home with various awards. The available posts are for people who take part in:

  • Film
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Interactive

The same procedure that is used to determine the winners of the interactive gaming section is the same one used for the categories mentioned above.

Award Progress

During the first year of its existence, SXSW Gaming Awards did not have very many sub-categories of awards to be given to the participants. However, as the years passed, more items were included in the list. This directive aimed at giving more people the chance to take part in the competition. Some of the most recently added sections are:

  • Esports game of the year
  • Trending game of the year
  • Fan creation of the year
  • Single player
  • Multiplayer
  • Most entertaining online personality
  • Most fulfilling crowd-funded content
  • Most promising new intellectual property

For a detailed list of the award sections provided for the ceremony, check online on the official SXSW Gaming Awards site or other places that have reviewed this event. The festival has been held in Houston Texas for the past five years. Only the hosts have changed.

Final Word

Gaming has taken an unexpected turn in the past few years. Not only has the video games increased, but the quality has gone a notch higher. More people have also taken into sampling these games more often. This is to mean that they have storylines that are interesting and easy to follow, and they are also appealing in regards to the features. In as much as established gaming companies are the ones participating in this award ceremony, others that are still new to this realm are not left out of the fun. The reason behind this is to provide a healthy competition ground that is level: therefore, each company gets a chance to do its best to create the most appealing games for the gambling community.


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