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6 Ways to Succeed in Life Without Higher Education


Most people misunderstand the concept of education and success. Education has a lot of advantages, and one can achieve their dreams in a cleverer way.

However, a university degree only gives you a platform with which a person can identify their interests and capabilities. Scoring high grades doesn’t necessarily make you successful. Being able to mug up and vomit all that is taught doesn’t prove you are educated. Being educated is understanding and being able to apply the knowledge in real life situations. And this is why I am not against custom essay writing services. If you buy essay services when in school, you will be able to save time spent working on the many assignments given by instructors. With the saved time, students are able to start entrepreneurship early in life.

Remember, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah and Coco Chanel have made it without finishing college education. While it is far from easy to walk the road to success without a degree, it is a path that the most successful people have followed. According to research, more than half of the working 2014 graduates are serving in positions that do not need a degree. Among ten people, nine believe that it is worth to invest in college education in the long run. Among ten graduates, six are in pursuit of higher degrees or are looking forward to it. This shows that a mere college degree is at the moment not very valuable; it can’t guarantee success. Universities aren’t meant for everyone. If you are second guessing joining others on the road to pursuing higher education, you have many options. Below are the six ways a person without a university degree can beat a university graduate.

Knowledge Acquisition Through Self-Exploration

Presently, one can learn anything they need just from a simple search on google. You just need to bookmark several relevant websites and spend some time reading on your topic. Additionally, you can acquire knowledge from magazines, books, and journals. Moreover, you can get serious about your contributions to industry blogs. You can also engage in online forums. Free classes from open Yale courses, Harvard open courses, Coursera and Udemy, and other similar websites can help a lot.

Get Experienced And Develop a Portfolio

If you do not apply your knowledge in your career, then it is of no use to you. Gaining experience is easy. All you need to do is to expand your limits by not ruling out odd jobs or volunteering activities. If an opportunity surely takes you to the next step, do not mind getting your feet wet.

There is more than one way of gaining experience. Think outside the box. For instance, you can consider starting campaigns aimed at raising funds for an educational endeavor or one of your innovative projects. Attend conferences in your industry and ask for job shadows with professionals in your field. Starting a small business venture could be a way of gaining experience and building a portfolio of clients.

Whatever strategy you decide upon, the experience that comes from it should add achievements and value to your portfolio.

Acquire In-Demand Abilities

Just because you didn’t go the college way, doesn’t imply that you can’t pick up in-demand skills. Actually, many employers are in need of candidates who have a set of strong soft skills. Positive attitude, dependability, work ethic and performance under pressure, are the soft skills that most employers look for. Experience is the best way to master these skills. As you start acquiring these skills, make sure you have a record of any accomplishments that show these skills. You may need this record to back up your skill in an interview or on your resume. Times you went beyond what was expected of you, for instance, are solid proof of your strong work ethic. You cannot forget these accomplishments when you have them in the paper. Referencing to such stories proves to employers that you are able to succeed in the workplace.

Have Amazing Mentors

A team of mentors is one of the remedies of a successful career. Mentors help you along your journey to success. Your connections should be with people who hold positions that you desire. Learn your mentors’ secrets and follow in their footsteps. Each mentor should play a different role in your career path. Ask yourself these kinds of questions when looking for a mentor:

Do I want a mentor who was once where I am?

Do I want a mentor who has years of industry experience?

To find your mentors, network with individuals that are in connection with professionals who work for organizations that you desire to work for. Get involved with these companies on social media. Talk about these companies with people who you come into contact with at the store or your local coffee shop. You never know where you can find a mentor.

Get Back Up When People Push You Down

In your career path, people will tell you that you can’t make it without having been to college. However, you need to prove them wrong; you are accountable for your success. There will be ups and downs in your career, no doubt. To overcome the low moments, you must have passion and tenacity to match forward. When you feel down, write down your goals, what you have accomplished so far and your best experiences.

Be aware of your options

Even if you never set foot to college, there are many options to build a successful career path. You can become a blogger, start a restaurant, become a graphic designer or start freelance writing. Freelance writing is one of the easiest careers that one can start and become successful. There are numerous students who are ready to buy essay service online. It is easy to grow in this career. You can start by writing for an online academic website or start your own website where your work would be getting clients and recruiting custom essay writers.





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