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What countries are most often restricted from playing in online casinos?


Despite the fact that online casino seem to obviously be available from any geographical location in the world where one has access to the Internet, this is not actually so. In fact, a number of casinos have lists of restricted countries, that is, users from these countries are not allowed to play in particular casinos.

Online gambling houses that make such restrictions are not some poorly managed casinos; on the contrary, the most reliable and respectable casinos usually provide a considerable list of restricted countries. Virtually, almost no casino allows access to every user from any location.

In order to make the issue clear, it is necessary to understand why some states are restricted, and how. To answer the “how” question is very easy – the casino website either functions properly for guest visiting, but immediately informs the user that players from his state are restricted from gambling when the user wants to create an account. Other casinos either display a limited home page and inform that access is limited for players, or merely demonstrate an empty page with a line “access restricted”. The point is that VPN will not help in this case, because even if the user succeeds with creating an account, his payment method will indicate his geographical location, and the casino will deny the access. So, gamblers should look for casinos available for their areas – best online casinos for UK players are avaiable from UK and some other European states, best online gambling houses for US are available mostly from US, and so on.

To answer the question “why” some countries are restricted is a bit more complicated task, because it depends on a casino. Some casinos know that gambling is officially forbidden in some states, and to avoid any troubles with gamers from that area, simply restrict access. Other casinos operate using only certain (usually a limited number of) currencies and accept players only from states where this currency in is use. Other casinos still consider security issues, while some find it difficult to provide decent payment options for particular states. Being unable to accept deposits and transfer withdrawals, they find it more reasonable to restrict access.

What Countries are Most Often on the List

It can be confidently claimed that almost every country is in some casino’s restricted countries list. As it has been said before, the reasons may be different for each casino and each state, so little surprise in the fact that, say, casinos of North America are available mostly for US and Canada, online gambling houses of Europe are available for Western Europe more than for anyone else, while there are online casinos that orient specifically on Russia, Africa or Middle East.

However, it may be generally said that most reputable casinos restrict access to players from Eastern Europe, including Russia, players from Africa and Middle East, and perhaps some specific states. Players from most islands are also often restricted from gambling. There are two most widespread reasons for this. Firstly, as it has been explained, there are specific casinos for each specific geographical sector, and secondly, it is the issue of currencies rates and exchange. So restricting access in not an act of discrimination, it is just reasonable.


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