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Mabinogi: To Play or Not to Play


Today, we’re going to review one of the most epic and unusual MMO games on the Internet – Mabinogi.

It is an MMO or a multiplayer online game, launched in distant 2004 by Nexus Co. The game got a huge hype among advanced gamers immediately after being published and announced on the market. But in a few years due to the launch of newer games and remakes, the excitement about the game has slightly decreased. Today, we’re going to understand what Mabinogi is about and is it actually worth bringing back to the market and entering a competition with newer video games again. So, to get the fullest opinion possible, get mabinogi windows 10 files installed on your PC, and learn the game with us.

So, let’s get started.

Mabinogi Review: Is the Game Worth Playing?

In the beginning of Mabinogi you are offered three races with a bunch of characters to play for:

  • Elf;
  • Human;
  • Giant.

Each race and each individual character are fully customizable for the colour of eyes, hair, facial expressions, etc. Each race has its own exclusive talents and attacks along with the basic ones. So, you should keep it in mind when making a decision whether to choose an elf, a human, or a giant.

Mabinogi provides you with a choice of how your character’s storyline will go. It has two storylines to choose which one is to play for, which of the two teams you want to help. Don’t worry, Mabinogi provides a full description of both those stories at the very beginning. We are not going to provide all the details to keep your interest for it.

The game also has multiple classes or talents with a number of skills. For example, alchemy, archery, puppetry, holy arts, carpentry, lance combat, etc. What else is interesting is that you can play your own songs in Mabinogi. That is just a little fun element of the game, which is still quite interesting to have.

Why You Should Play Mabinogi?

First of all, Mabinogi stands out from other MOO games due to its anonymously high level of graphics. Another distinctive feature is that your character is able to learn tons of different skills throughout the game, which is not typical for standard games of this genre. Some skills can be transformed even into stronger being of the Mabinogi world. Choosing a certain character doesn’t prevent you from learning other skills of the different types, which helps the game to avoid being boring and monotonous. It has no constant levels, so you can rebirth back to level 1. This is a great opportunity for the beginner players to learn to grow to the better skills.

And, of course, Mabinogi has one of the most intriguing storylines among all similar MOOs. As it consists of different generations (from 1 to 20). They allow you to fully experience all areas of the game. The main character will fight the monsters of different levels of difficulty, open the room with treasures, etc.

So, would we recommend Mabinogi in 2017-2018? Definitely! Give it a shot.


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