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Katy Perry joins crypto-mania with her crypto nails


If I told you that cryptocurrency was on the verge of getting the mainstream, you’d probably think I am bluffing.

Well, I would think so too, if you were to tell me the same a couple years ago. But wait! It’s 2018 and none of us would be bluffing, right?

Katy Perry has just joined crypto-mania with her crypto nails. It could have been totally surprising were it not that this is 2018 and anything in the world of celebrities is possible. The crypto bug has bitten most of us in the society and you could be forgiven for wondering whether we were going to see more celebrities join an array of others in hyping up bitcoin and the crypto world.

In case you missed it, here is the whole story.

Enter Katy Perry’s “$-CrYpTo ClAwS-$”

The pop artist posted a photo of her carefully manicured fingernails, complete with the symbols of five major crypto coins. She then captioned it “$-CrYpTo ClAwS-$”.

Many people admire Katy Perry. That is a bold statement. Cryptocurrency has penetrated the mainstream culture and is here to stay. The artist who worked the nails did a pretty good job. The pattern on each fingernail is portrayed against the background of a US dollar bill, and nestled on top is the symbol of a given cryptocurrency.

Her choice of coins is also quite interesting (maybe a little too subtle to suggest that someone may have been following events more keenly than we know).

Crypto claws and coin symbols; what should we make of them?

Many people think Katy knew what she was doing, the distribution of coin symbols on her fingers seemingly telling a story of its own. Check out the pattern and take note of where Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Monero, and Stellar appear. What we should read from these is pretty much dependent on what we think of Katy Perry as a celebrity and what we ourselves think about cryptocurrency.

Katy’s dalliance with cryptocurrency did not end with her Instagram post; the singer went ahead to tag ethereum_updates, litecoinofficial, bit, moneroofficial and stellarlumens. As we speak, that post has over 200,000 likes. That’s 200,000 more people who got to know about crypto claws. Read more about cryptocurrency and coin symbols on www.abitgreedy.com.

Not the first time for Katy Perry and cryptocurrency

The Crypto Claws Instagram photo is not the first time Katy Perry is linked to cryptocurrency news. In November 2017, Ms. Perry posted a photo of herself chatting with investor Warren Buffet. She then captioned it by saying that she only wanted to know what the investor thought about cryptocurrency.

The pop artist may have had something going on her mind then. Bitcoin was then on an incredible uptrend, and cryptocurrency was much the talk of the town. It is doubtful that Katy Perry just wanted to pick on Buffet’s thoughts at the time. Very few will doubt that cryptocurrency continues to be a hot topic and that celebrities eventually will have to wade into it, one way or the other.

What is not in doubt is that the crypto market is going through one of its longest corrections and prices have tumbled. The mighty bitcoin is now trading just above $8050 and ETH is at $809. Isn’t it time we had something to drive up the talk, and maybe, just maybe… the upturn will begin.

So, Katy Perry and her crypto claws completely make sense to me. She has snuggled in on to find some space in this celebrity cryptocurrency bandwagon that seems to be gathering speed with each passing day. Her crypto-themed nails are a sure sign that the society is taking note of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

If we were to interrogate her motivation for the “crypto claws”, we unsurprisingly will find that it is borne of the desire to feed on the hype and be associated with the events of the day. And what other field is the hottest topic now? It’s Cryptocurrency. Take Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (before Zuckerberg banned Crypto-related ads); crypto news dominates these social media platforms.

Katy Perry joins a league of extra-ordinary crypto fans

By capturing the attention of her fans and that of other crypto-fans, Ms. Perry joins a growing list of celebrities warming up to bitcoin and cryptocurrency via endorsements for ICOs- a kind of fundraising for funds to support a given project.

Celebrities have used their fan bases and the opportunity offered by social media to hype cryptocurrency projects. From superstar footballers like Messi and Luis Suarez; to boxing champion Floyd Mayweather; heiress and TV personality Paris Hilton; entertainers like Jamie Foxx; Hollywood heavyweights like Ashton Kutcher and Gwyneth Paltrow- all these are proof that celebrity endorsements and involvement with cryptocurrency are not a one-time thing.

Celebrities have tried to stay away from cryptocurrency but the huge amounts of money on offer means they cannot play dumb anymore. Some have gone on to become pseudo-investors in Bitcoin while many accept payment for their products and services in cryptocurrency.

The other day rapper 50 Cent became a Bitcoin millionaire after rediscovering that he had allowed his fans to buy one of his albums using Bitcoin in 2014. And Melanie Brown, she of Spice Girls, is credited as being the first musician to accept cryptocurrency payments for her work.

So, was “crypto claws” a good idea?

Some people have criticized Katy Perry for wading into cryptocurrency. Many of the critics are of the opinion that she just wants to use cryptocurrency as a way back to relevance after her music career slowed down. I’d say that that is a bit too harsh on Ms. Perry. She did what she did, but that’s her way of contributing to the wider topic.

At the moment, the world’s attention, (at least in technology and investment circles), is fixed on the cryptocurrency market. There are fears and there are bullish predictions. A statement of support by an individual, celebrity or not, should not be overly criticized.

For now, at least, cryptocurrency and Katy Perry’s Crypto Claws continue to draw our attention.



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